How Purasolve Parts Washers Keeps Your Workers Safe During the Pandemic

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“What else can I do to keep risks of infection to a minimum in the workshop?”

“What should I do to protect my business and make sure it stays open during the pandemic?”

These are just some of the questions foremost in the minds of many maintenance and workshop owners and operators. Whilst many other companies are allowing employees to work remotely, this industry depends heavily on personnel who must work onsite.

Workshops can implement best practices for shared workspaces, where appropriate, to ensure health and safety of employees and customers as COVID-19 continues to ravage. Investing in equipment that will help reduce the risks of infection is also a good move.

Benefits of Purasolve Parts Washers

Purasolve Parts Washers protects your workers’ health and safety and improves your business in these ways:

Improves Lives

Reduces the need for interaction, thereby reducing the risks of COVID-19 infection

Using Purasolve Parts Washers with recyclable solvent eliminates the need for biowaste trucks to come onsite. Considering that the same truck and driver would have been to multiple sites and the truck is carrying contaminated waste, the less interaction your workers have with them, the better.

Does not contain hazardous ingredients

Not only are Purasolve Parts Cleaning Solvents free of harmful and unhealthy chemicals, they are non-dangerous and non-explosive. You can rest assured that your workers are not exposed to health and safety risks that are present with traditional cleaners.

Does not contain any offensive odours

Purasolve Parts Cleaning Solvents contain no offensive odours, providing more pleasant working environments. Workers no longer have to put up with toxic smells that can cause headaches after prolonged use.

Improves Business

Provides options for servicing

With Purasolve you have the option of a 3 monthly servicing program, but it is not necessary as the solvent is fully recyclable, and we can provide cleaning options which allow the waste to go to sewer. This reduces the risk of contamination from trucks coming on site to change out the cleaning fluid.

Highly effective, providing cost savings

Purasolve Parts Cleaning Solvents are slow evaporating and can be recycled and reused for a minimum of 18 months, reducing the volume of cleaning solvent purchased and lowering disposal costs. In addition, these products have no Hazchem rating, so there are no special storage requirements, lowering the cost of transport, handling, and storage.

Extends equipment life

Because Purasolve Parts Cleaning Solvents are slow evaporating, they are able to thoroughly clean parts without leaving behind deposits. These deposits cause congestion and damage to equipment. These products do not dry out seals and hoses like traditional cleaners, extending the life of your equipment.

Consumers are now looking at how businesses are being proactive about their workers’ safety, as well as their customers’, when they consider customer service. At a time when hundreds of businesses are shutting down, millions are losing their jobs, it is more important than ever to ponder the different ways your workshop can stay safely open.

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