How Envirofluid Chemistries Help Companies Undertake Lean Initiatives

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Lean Manufacturing is a proven business philosophy that has helped countless organizations throughout the years. The principle constantly challenges companies to enhance and innovate in order to achieve efficiency and rise above the growing competition in the global market. Using Envirofluid products provide clients with the benefits of lean manufacturing.

Originating from the well-known automotive company, Toyota, as part of its Toyota Production System, lean manufacturing (also referred to as lean production or kaizen, which means improvement), involves a series of processes that aims to maximize productivity and increase levels of production whilst minimising waste of material and labour.

The process includes “just-in-time” manufacturing, where companies keep inventory at low levels in an as-needed basis, and reduction of downtime. In a nutshell, the objective of lean manufacturing is to eliminate that which does not add value to the product, company and customer, and delivering the best possible product to clients quickly and with as fewer obstacles as possible.

So how can Envirofluid products help your company with your lean objectives?

Lean Benefits of Envirofluid Chemistries

Increased Product Efficiency

Kaizen – change for good

Envirofluid chemicals are typically more effective than the traditional (mostly toxic) products they replace, requiring less labour and time spent cleaning, and increasing worker productivity, which translates to labour and cost savings.

Improved Downtimes

Kaizen – change for good

Because Envirofluid products can often be used with equipment in situ, reducing the need for dismantling of items for maintenance, downtimes are shortened (to over 90 percent in some cases) resulting in fewer delays.


Muda – Reducing waste/wasteful activity

The bio-based and biodegradable formulation of Envirofluid products ensure less waste resulting in significant reduction in waste disposal costs.

Reduced Inventory Requirements

Mura – Reducing inconsistencies

With our range of versatile chemicals, businesses need not stock up on numerous products for different applications. In addition, because Envirofluid chemicals are also highly concentrated, a little goes a long way, helping with stock control.

Improved Worker Safety and Satisfaction

Muda – Reducing over burden and exhaustion

The bio-based and biodegradable formulation of Envirofluid products ensure l When employees are confident that the chemicals they use are safer, their morale goes up, making for a happier workplace. The reduced administrative controls, mechanical inputs, and PPE requirements of Envirofluid products also translate to hefty cost savings over time. Attention to elimination and substitution of chemical products can save over 80 percent of labour input in management and control responsibilities.

Increased Profits

Kaizen – change for good

With Envirofluid products you get better quality chemicals, less waste, reduced costs, and increased productivity, resulting in increased profits!

Streamlining the cleaning and maintenance processes at your workplace with Envirofluid chemicals will free up your time to devote to better pursuits, such as providing your customers with top quality products and services on time, and ensuring their satisfaction.

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