Highlights from REPTX Salv-Ex 2024 in Hawaii: A Collaborative Leap in Naval Maintenance

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This past May, the stunning island of Hawaii played host to the REPTX Salv-Ex 2024 event, an essential gathering for the Defense Industry focusing on Naval maintenance and repair innovations. The event was noteworthy not only for its cutting-edge showcases but also for its alignment with the objectives of the AUKUS Alliance—a trilateral security pact between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

This year, Aurora Supply & Envirofluid were excited to demonstrate their homegrown, revolutionary and non-hazardous maintenance solutions with the highlights being Triple7 Enviroscale and Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser, both NSN codified and compliant with NATO standards.

What is REPTX Salv-Ex?

REPTX Salv-Ex is a cornerstone event for sharing the latest advancements in Naval maintenance technologies conducted by the National Centre of Manufacturing Science (NCMS) supporting Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA). With this year’s theme: Rapid fielding technology to create sustainment capability at the speed of the need, the focus was particularly on non-HAZMAT chemicals, aligning with the defense industry’s push towards safer and more sustainable practices. Collaboration between Australia and the US was a prominent theme, reflecting the broader goals of the AUKUS Alliance to enhance technological prowess within Naval operations.

Demonstration Highlights

Triple7 Enviroscale: Advanced Scale Removal

One of the standout demonstrations during the event was the overnight scale removal using Triple7 Enviroscale. A soaking bath was prepared with the product, into which a pump casing and sections of fire pipe laden with scale were submerged. True to form, by the following morning, all the scale deposits had been completely dissolved without any harm to the metal surfaces. Read more here.

Key Benefits

  • No Asset Damage: Safeguards vital components such as heat exchangers, pipes and seals during descaling.
  • Reduced HAZMAT Reliance: Non-toxic, non-hazardous formulation minimizes risks to personnel and the environment.
  • Passivation: The descaler also passivates metal surfaces to protect against future corrosion.
  • Environmental Compliance: Meets stringent ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards, promoting sustainability within Naval operations.

Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser: Versatility in Action

Multiple demonstrations underscored the versatility of Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser. It achieved over 99% hydraulic oil separation rate within just 60 minutes. The degreaser effectively cleaned machinery shafts with a single wipe and managed to remove 15-year-old varnished grease deposits from a machine room. Additionally, it complies with HACCP standards, ensuring it is safe for galley use. Read more here.

Key Benefits

  • Multi-Application Utility: Adaptable for various cleaning tasks such as hydraulic oil separation, shaft cleaning and galley maintenance.
  • Non-Toxic: Ensures a safer working environment free from toxic gases.
  • Quick Break Action: Efficiently separates oils, leading to waste stream discharge levels with less than 1 ppm oil content.
  • HACCP Compliant: Safe for use in food preparation areas, adhering to stringent standards.

Real-World Testing: RIMPAC and Target Practice Boat

An exciting part of this year’s REPTX Salv-Ex was the inclusion of a real-world testing scenario involving a target practice boat used in the RIMPAC (Rim of the Pacific) exercise.

This boat served as a test bed for rapid maintenance and repair, where participants, including Aurora Supply & Envirofluid, showcased their capabilities in patching up the boat at the speed of the need.

The exercise demonstrated how quickly and effectively these products could be applied in high-stress, real-time operations.

Conclusion: A Collaborative Future in Naval Maintenance

The REPTX Salv-Ex 2024 event in Hawaii was more than just an exhibition; it was a testament to the collaborative efforts within the defense industry, particularly under the AUKUS Alliance. By showcasing the practical applications and benefits of Triple7 Enviroscale and Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser, the event underscored the potential of these products to transform Naval maintenance practices. Read more on this case study here.

The journey towards safer, more efficient, and environmentally responsible maintenance solutions is well underway, promising a brighter and more sustainable future for Naval operations.

Mahalo and here’s to continued innovation and collaboration in the Defense sector!

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