Helping Ukrainian Refugees Through RRT

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Envirofluid recognises the toll the recent fighting has had on Ukrainian refugees. When Rapid Relief Team put out the call for donations to Operation 322 in aid of the extraordinary humanitarian needs of those severely affected, our team knew that we had to help.

Together with numerous individuals and organisations, Envirofluid helped RRT reach and surpass their target of £250,000 and raised £382,500. RRT achieved its single biggest fundraising achievement yet, which was met within 20 hours of going live.

This is one more way we were able to work with global organisations like NATO and UNICEF in supporting a joint cause for a better world.

Rapid Relief Team exists to offer hope and relief to people across the globe. To learn more about RRT’s fundraising efforts for Ukrainian refugees or to donate, visit:

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  1. Chandrakant Tewari says:

    Congratulations, Envirofluid!
    Very Commendable ..

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