Finalists! 2014 NSCA/GIO National Safety Awards of Excellence


Envirofluid is proud to become a finalist in this year’s National Safety Council of Australia NSCA/GIO National Safety Awards. The awards are Australia’s longest running, independent awards, recognising outstanding Work Health and Safety initiatives. This year the NSCA received over 150 nominations making it a record year. There are 8 award categories with Environmental Fluid Systems being nominated as a finalist for Best Solution of a WHS Risk (Small Business).

The award category recognises leadership and innovative solutions to workplace risks of all kinds. Finalists of this category must demonstrate that their solution is innovative, proven to work, has demonstrated a return on investment (ROI), and significantly eliminates a workplace risk.

Envirofluid was nominated for its pioneering solvent research and development, resulting in the creation of Purasolve Parts Cleaner. Purasolve Parts Cleaner was created by Envirofluid in response to growing industry concern about the wide range of hazardous solvents containing MEK, Benzene, Chlorine, Sulphur, Butyl Cellosolve, Acetone, Trichloroethylene, Toluene and Caustic agents.

Purasolve Parts Cleaner is non-flammable, low VOC and does not contain known or suspected carcinogens. It replaces a range of solvents known to cause nerve damage, reproductive issues, cancer and other serious health issues. It’s specially developed formula is also highly recyclable meaning that the same batch can be used regularly for a minimum of18 months, reducing toxic waste disposal and environmental harm.

After more than two years of research, development and marketing Purasolve Parts Cleaner has become the leading alternative to toxic and dangerous parts cleaning solvents across Australia. It is also now being exported around the world and is gaining wide acceptance in the Middle East and Asia. Its rapid uptake by industry is dramatically lowering solvent related workplace risks, reducing operating costs for employers and achieving better health outcomes for anyone who uses solvents at work.

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