Envirofluid Takes Wesfarmers Top Honours for Sustainability

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Envirofluid is proud to celebrate taking top honours for “Excellence in Sustainability” at this year’s Wesfarmers Industrial and Safety awards.



Mr Martin van Maasdyk being presented with the award


The “Excellence in Sustainability” award recognises Envirofluid’s contribution to workplace safety and environmental sustainability within the Wesfarmers group over the past year. Since becoming a supplier to Wesfarmers Industrial & Safety, the team at Envirofluid have worked hard to drive improvements in chemical safety through the promotion of worksafe industrial chemicals, and best practice.

As in previous years, the sustainability category was tightly contested in 2013. Of the 3000 plus Wesfarmer suppliers eligible for awards, just 45 were selected to attend the event.

Aside from our contribution to sustainability, key managers within Wesfarmers Industrial and Safety were quick to point out that Envirofluid had well and truly met the other key criteria of trust and reliability – two things that are of vital importance to both Wesfarmers and Envirofluid.

In congratulating Envirofluid one of the managers of Wesfarmers Industrial and Safety had some great words of encouragement:

“I was thrilled to see Envirofluid be recognised amongst the 3000 current suppliers to Wesfarmers Industrial & Safety last night at the awards night. 

Congratulations to you and your team on taking the “sustainability” award, a huge effort considering the competition involved for this award, coupled with a relatively short timeframe in dealing with WIS. 

I admire that you conduct your dealings with us in a professional way and always “play by the rules”. 

Just a short note to say Well Done and you should celebrate this achievement, it is no small feat.

The team at Envirofluid is honoured by this recognition and we thank everyone at Wesfarmers for their shared spirit of collaboration, trust and integrity in doing business. We look forward to continuing our work with them in the months and years ahead.


 Wesfarmers Supplier of the Year Award Night 2013


 Envirofluid Management Team celebrating their success during a board meeting the following day!

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