Envirofluid Sails Towards Innovation at IndoPacific 2023

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The maritime world is steering towards Sydney, Australia, for the much-anticipated IndoPacific 2023 International Maritime Exposition from November 7-9. As one of the world’s most crucial maritime and naval defence expos, we at Envirofluid are excited to forge new connections, spot emerging trends and showcase our innovative solutions. 

Envirofluid looks forward to joining other industry leaders in modelling the future of maritime safety, operation and maintenance. Our objective aligns with that of IndoPacific 2023 – to ignite innovation that enhances the safety, efficiency and sustainability of maritime operations. 

Among the myriad of innovative solutions, expect to see Envirofluid’s collection of environmentally compliant chemicals and workshop equipment, including parts washers. These are replacing hazardous products currently used in workplaces – a revolution in the maritime industry that promotes not only optimal performance but also sustainability and worker safety. 

Apart from exploring future game-changing technologies, IndoPacific 2023 also opens doors for business collaborations, knowledge sharing and networking. Just as diversity powers our oceans, the diversity of thought at this event promises to fuel enriching conversations and partnerships. 

Join Envirofluid at the IndoPacific 2023. Together let’s shape a sustainable future for the maritime industry. For more information, visit – www.indopacificexpo.com.au

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