Envirofluid Raises Funds for Blue September

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During September Envirofluid released a special Blue Edition of its popular Triple7 Odour Control product to raise money for the Blue September Charity. Blue September raises funds for the awareness of cancers that affect men. It also works to support Australian Prostate Cancer Research and Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

A portion of every Triple7 Odour Control sale in September was donated to Blue September resulting in a significant contribution to the charity.

We’d like to thank everyone who got behind our push to improve Men’s Health this September including the following companies:

  • Argyle Commercial Enterprises
  • Bakers Construction & Industrial
  • Blackwoods
  • City of Canada Bay
  • Direct Hospitality
  • Fabranamics
  • Gloucester Shire Council
  • J.E.P Australia Pty Ltd
  • Jay & Jay Industries
  • Norco
  • QLD Parks & Wildlife (NPRSR)
  • Regal Cream Products
  • Reservoir Hotel
  • Seasons Botanic Gardens
  • The Dog House Pet Resort
  • Tradelink


In particular we’d like to make a special mention of Norco who purchased a significant quantity of Triple7 Odour Control in September. Norco not only raised money for Blue September with this purchase but also saved one of their milk factory operations from imminent closure. A win-win for everyone!

Norco had a major odour issue with a base water pond at their factory due to high pH discharge. This facility is located in the middle of a suburban area within the Gold Coast area. Unfortunately the odour problem had become so critical that the EPA had become involved and had threatened to close the factory down. 

With just one day to go before the EPA deadline Environmental Fluid Systems took on the challenge. We received a call for help at mid-afternoon and had the Triple7 Odour Control delivered by air to the Gold Coast before 9am the next morning. Once treatment of the ponds commenced the odour problem was under control and within EPA limits within just 5 minutes.

The dairy was saved from shutdown by the EPA and Triple7 Odour Control is now being considered as a permanent part of the factory’s outflow treatment regime. We’d like to thank Norco for trusting Envirofluid in such a critical time and for the significant amount of money this purchase raised for Blue September.

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