Envirofluid products receive HACCP Licensing


Envirofluid is proud to announce our Food Safe Certification from HACCP across much of our Triple7 and ActiveEco range. HACCP is dedicated to reducing the risks of food contamination through the development, implementation and ongoing Food Safety Programs including ‘food-safe’ classification of cleaning chemicals.

HACCP Australia is a leading food science organisation specialising in the HACCP Food Safety Methodology and its applications within the food and related non-food industries.

The HACCP Australia scheme and its independent, conformance certification is designed to meet the precise demands of the world’s leading food safety schemes and quality assurance programs which have not only identified the risks but also demand a rigorous ‘due-diligence’ process to ensure that such risks are eliminated at the product selection stage, giving assurance, to the buyer and seller alike, as to the ‘fitness for purpose’ of such products, materials or services.

To receive HACCP Licensing for a product it must be practically and scientifically assessed with regard to all facets of food safety; the compatibility with HACCP based food safety programs and its contribution to food safety. The process includes an examination of the design, manufacture, materials, instructions, delivery, storage, accuracy, labeling, food safety claims and any other relevant food safety matters.

Certificated products generally need to be:

  • Well designed with ‘food-safe’ characteristics
  • Non-toxic (or appropriate levels of toxicity)
  • Easy to clean (or appropriate for use)
  • Likely to reduce the risk of any form of contamination
  • Designed for a low consequence of an error in use.

Our licensed products easily passed these tests due to their natural formulations.

The HACCP Licensing is an active and proven dedication to consumer food safety and ‘fitness for purpose’, which Envirofluid is proud to be a part of.

Download HACCP Certification for FZS Food Zone >

Download HACCP Certification for SSZ & NFZ Food Zones >

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