Envirofluid-NATO Vision Partnership

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Envirofluid is proud to partner with NATO and share its vision of protecting the environment and limiting the damage that may be brought on by military activities.

NATO was established in order to guarantee the freedom and security of member countries through political and military means. Defence activities undertaken by NATO members can generate land, air, and sea pollution, affecting humans, animal life and ecosystems. Envirofluid works with NATO in order to alleviate these effects.

Hazardous Chemical-Related Issues

Chemicals are widely used in the course of defence operations. Unfortunately, in some instances, hazardous chemicals have made their way into rotation in terms of general industrial cleaning, degreasing, parts cleaning and more.

It’s no secret that these harmful elements pose a major health and safety risk to humans and the environment. Not only do these products expose users to dangers as they are transported, handled or used, but waste generated from usage of these chemicals also jeopardize communities. The effects are far-reaching and can be experienced for years to come.

A Shared Vision

Envirofluid, in alignment with NATO’s vision of protecting the environment, helps member countries with chemical risk management by supplying safe chemicals to replace toxic substances. By substituting hazardous chemicals with safer alternatives, Defence departments can drastically reduce adverse effects whether on land, sea and air.

Envirofluid’s high-performance chemistries free workers from worrying about their health and well-being, providing a safer, happier and more productive workplace.

In addition, Defence departments get the benefit of reduced waste when using recyclable solvents, and can rest assured that no toxic chemicals will wind up in waterways or end up contaminating work and storage sites.

A Valuable Partnership

Our vision for a better world is the driving force behind our partnership with NATO. We believe that helping the organization achieve its environmental protection goals is one of the best ways we can affect a positive, enduring and worthwhile difference in chemical use and management.

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