Envirofluid is awarded a Standing Offer by the Australian Department of Defence


Envirofluid has been paneled by the Australian Department of Defence to provide ‘over the counter’ purchasing for Army, Airforce and Navy across our entire product range. The Standing Offer covers the supply of General Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) Related Spares and Consumables. All MRO orders include free delivery Australia wide.

Defence Authorised Purchasing Officers may purchase MRO products in three ways:

  • Defence Purchase Card (DPC)
  • ROMAN Purchase Orders (PO)

Envirofluid was approached by the Australian Department of Defence in 2011 to procure a submission to become a member of the MRO Panel which they were in the process of establishing.  This required detailed company papers, quality certification, and proof that the company met or exceeded the strict requirements needed to become a member.  Our submission was considered amongst many others and we were one of eight companies selected for the panel.

Being a member of the MRO Standing Offer overrides the requirement for NSN’s on general maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) related spares and consumables provided by Environmental Fluid Systems as the Australian Department of Defence have recognised Envirofluid as a qualified supplier of these products.


Dowload a copy of the First, Second and Last Page of the signed Deed of Agreement >

Download a copy of the Web Account Establishment Form >

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