Envirofluid donates to Peter’s Project

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Envirofluid is proud to support Peter’s Project – a campaign to bring improved cancer care services to south-west Victoria. It aims to integrate and develop cancer care services to provide a one-stop shop for patients in south-west Victoria and south-east South Australia.

The centre will provide much needed radiotherapy treatment, various cancer services and support to people with cancer in a friendly and welcoming environment.


Before the success and momentum of Peter’s Project, those members of the Warnambool community who were faced with cancer had no other choice but to drive 3½ hours to access and undertake the stressful, frequent and time consuming cancer treatment process.
Peter’s Project is working to provide a state of the art facility for cancer patients in south-west Victoria and south-east South Australia.
The formation of Peter’s Project was driven by the difficulty to access cancer treatment facilities for patients living in the Warrnambool area and surrounding regions.

The centre is vital so people affected by cancer can have access to treatment locally rather than spending precious weeks away from their family and support network and travelling up to 4-5 hours one way, to receive that treatment.

A recent research document into the need for Radiotherapy for South West Victoria, exhibited above average mortality rates for cancer cases in the region.

One third of those persons who need Radiotherapy, declined treatment due to tyranny of distance, financial, sickness and family social stress issues.


Find out more at www.petersproject.org.au

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