Envirofluid regularly engages with a number of external organisations which make important contributions in our community and wider society.

Through supporting charitable organisations that provide crucial assistance to people in need, as well as investing in research and innovation, we strive to be the change we want to see in the world.

Find out more about the charities we support here.



Donation to Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation

  Envirofluid recognises the important work being done at Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation. Over the years, we have made it our mission to do what we can to support the team of researchers at Peter Mac as they make strides in their fight against cancer. Right now, A/Prof Paul Neeson and his team is developing [...] READ MORE



Why Handwashing is Effective at Stopping the Spread of Germs

It sounds so simple, but handwashing is the best and most effective way at stopping germs in their tracks.




Different Types of Disinfectants and Sanitisers and How to Choose Which One to Use

Disinfectants are commonly found in households, commercial businesses, and industrial facilities. There are different types of disinfectants and sanitisers available, and it is imperative to know how they work and what you need to consider when choosing which one to use. Bacteria and microorganisms, though we may not see them with our eyes, are found [...] READ MORE



Does Your Hand Sanitiser Protect You?

The recent global pandemic has had people scrambling to protect themselves, particularly with hand sanitisers. COVID-19 has been ravaging the entire world for many months now. Shelves have been emptied of hand sanitisers, with online stores such as Amazon starting to restrict sales of these products due to price gouging.   Health experts have stated [...] READ MORE



Preparing to Reopen Your Business During the Pandemic

The federal government is urging businesses to develop a plan for reopening and getting employees back in the workplace. Early in May, the Australian federal government has announced a three-step plan, called the Roadmap to a COVIDSafe Australia, to help businesses safely bounce back from the epidemic and pave the way for economic recovery. Each [...] READ MORE



Tips for Cleaning, Sanitising and Disinfecting Schools

Every day, schools open their doors to hundreds of students and faculty, making these institutions a hotbed of germs. Many of the items found in school are frequently touched and shared between students, increasing the risk of infection. It’s a common scenario in preschools: little Sara comes to school with the sniffles, feeling a little [...] READ MORE

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