Can Aviation Really Go Green?

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As the world continues to focus on sustainable practices, the aviation industry is under significant pressure to reduce its environmental footprint. But, can aviation truly embrace a green future while maintaining top-notch performance and safety?

Why Do Traditional Aircraft Cleaners Miss the Mark?

Have you ever wondered what goes into keeping an aircraft clean and operational? Traditional aircraft cleaners are often packed with harsh chemicals such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), phosphates and other toxic substances. While they may be effective at removing grime, they pose grave risks to the environment and human health.

  • Environmental Hazards: These chemicals can leach into water sources and degrade air quality.
  • Health Risks: Maintenance crews exposed to these substances can suffer from a range of health issues.

Enter Triple7 Aircraft and Metal Cleaner: A Breakthrough in Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Imagine a cleaner that’s powerful, eco-friendly and safe for everyone involved. That’s precisely what Triple 7 Aircraft and Metal Cleaner brings to the table. Here’s why it’s a beacon of sustainability in aviation:

  • Eco-Friendly Solution

Forget toxins and harsh chemicals. Triple7 Aircraft and Metal Cleaner is non-toxic and biodegradable, meaning it breaks down into harmless components that won’t linger in the environment.

  • Powerful Performance

Don’t let its gentleness fool you. Triple7 Aircraft and Metal Cleaner effectively eliminates grease, oil, dirt and other contaminants, keeping the aircraft in pristine condition.

  • Cost-Efficient

This concentrated formula means you use less product, extending its life and cutting down your expenses. Plus, a safer product leads to fewer health-related costs for your crew.

  • Regulatory Compliance

With Triple7 Aircraft and Metal Cleaner, you can easily meet stringent aviation and environmental regulations, avoiding potential fines and bolstering your company’s reputation.

Practical Implementation in Aviation

Curious about how Triple7 Aircraft & Metal Cleaner cleans a C-17 aircraft?

Envirofluid’s Triple7 and ActiveEco products were trialled for cleaning cargo areas on C-17 aircraft, showcasing outstanding outcomes:

  1. Safe on Sensitive Metals: These cleaners were safe to use on sensitive metals found in aircraft components, eliminating the risk of damage.
  2. Effective on Grease and Grime: The products successfully removed grease, oil and accumulated dirt, highlighting their powerful cleaning capabilities.
  3. Environmental Compliance: Because the cleaners are non-toxic and free from harsh chemicals, they fully comply with stringent environmental guidelines.

This trial highlighted that sustainable solutions like Triple7 Aircraft & Metal Cleaner could achieve superior cleaning results without compromising safety or environmental health. Read the full case study: C17 Aircraft Cleaning Trial

Recognised for Excellence in Sustainability

Envirofluid’s commitment to greener aviation solutions has not gone unnoticed. Our innovative efforts with products like Triple7 Aircraft and Metal Cleaner have earned us numerous accolades, highlighting our leadership in sustainable practices.

Recently, we were honoured with the Sustainability Drivers for Change Award at the prestigious Aviation/Aerospace Australia A24 Awards. This recognition reflects our dedication to pioneering eco-friendly solutions in the aviation industry. Learn more about this achievement here.

In addition, Envirofluid has also been named as a finalist for the Defence Innovator of the Year – Company and the Consultancy of the Year in the coming 2024 Australian Defence Industry Awards. These nominations underscore our ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence, especially within the defence sector. For more details, visit this page.

Transforming Maintenance: The Path to Greener Skies

The aviation industry stands at a critical crossroads. With urgent global emissions targets and increasing public awareness of environmental issues, sustainable practices are no longer optional—they’re essential. Products like Triple 7 Aircraft and Metal Cleaner serve as crucial steps in this sustainable journey, balancing high performance with eco-friendly practices.

So, can aviation truly go green? With innovative products like Triple7 Aircraft and Metal Cleaner, the answer is a resounding yes. By choosing sustainable solutions, we can significantly reduce the industry’s environmental impact. The next time you see a sparkling aircraft, you can be confident that a cleaner, greener choice was made behind the scenes.

Ready to make a green change in your operations? Discover more about Triple 7 Aircraft and Metal Cleaner here.

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