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 Triple7 is an innovative range of genuine Worksafe and Environmentally Sustainable industrial cleaners, degreasers and wastewater treatment chemicals.

Purasolve products

 Purasolve is a range of low hazard alternatives to commonly used industrial solvents, many of which pose serious health and safety risks, even when handled carefully.

ActiveEco products

 ActiveEco is a range of chemicals specifically designed for very challenging industrial tasks where there can be no compromise on power and efficiency.

Envirofluid Health is able to support and supply you with all items healthcare-related, including rapid antigen tests, air purifiers, face masks, sanitisers, disinfectants and more.

GritMitts is a heavy-duty grit hand soap that combines the cleansing powers of pumice, a light volcanic rock, with the deep cleaning strength of natural citrus oils.

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