Biofouling Removal for Marine

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What happens to biofouling and marine growth when soaked in a solution of Triple7 Eco-Scale? Will the product be effective for biofouling removal for marine environments?

Putting Triple7 Eco-Scale to the Test

In a short lab test done by Envirofluid, an oyster shell was soaked in a solution of Triple7 Eco-Scale. Immediately, the shell started to effervesce, showing a reaction of the calcium and other dissolvable deposits to the scale remover.

Circulation always helps when removing scale but in this simple lab test, it is evident that the reaction is quite significant even in a static system.

Watch the short video of the lab test here:

Powerful Biofouling Removal for Marine

Cleaning a system with scale issues can take up to 24 hours, depending on the severity of the biofouling.

Note that Triple7 descalers will not erode or corrode metal surfaces, or damage rubbers or elas-tomers. They are safe to use on pumps and pipework in situ, saving enormous time, effort and money by not having to remove equipment from cooling towers, ship systems, heat exchangers or other water-operated machinery.

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