Benefits of Using Triple7 Eco-Scale for Limescale Removal

Using Triple7 Eco-Scale for limescale removal presents benefits that are not found in traditional chemicals.

Traditional chemicals used for de-scaling, whilst effective, pose a variety of risks for people and the environment. They are corrosive and dangerous and can cause severe burns, a host of respiratory illnesses, eye damage, and even death. These substances also present long-term adverse environmental effects and drive waste disposal costs up.

Switching to Triple7 Eco-Scale will provide businesses large and small with a safer, effective, and more economical option for removing limescale.

Reasons to Use Triple7 Eco-Scale

Triple7 Eco-Scale is a non-toxic limescale remover. Its benefits include:

  • Improved worker safety

Unlike traditional de-scalers, Triple7 Eco-Scale does not contain harsh substances such as hydrochloric acid or sulphamic acid. It does not contain toxic and carcinogenic chemicals. The product is organic and plant-based, protecting workers from immediate and long-term health risks, and freeing employers from WHS compliance and litigation concerns.

  • Powerful and versatile formula

Triple7 Eco-Scale has a high-performance formulation that makes it effective at removing limescale, rust, barnacles, and crustacea. It does its job without damaging equipment. It is ideal for removing calcium and limescale deposits found in heat exchangers, boilers, condensers, pipes and valves, wet scrubbers, engine cooling systems, bilges and bilge pumps, marine pumps, chillers, and marine surfaces.

  • Eco-friendliness and sustainability

Unlike traditional de-scaling agents, Triple7 Eco-Scale is 100% bio-based and derived from natural resources. It contains no toxic or hazardous ingredients and will not harm water or air environments. Triple7 Eco-Scale is readily biodegradable.

  • Cost-effectivity

Triple7 Eco-Scale is a highly concentrated product, so a little goes a long way. Because it has no Hazchem rating, it needs no special storage areas, lowering the cost of transport, handling and storage. The product is eco-friendly and readily biodegradable, so it can be flushed into wastewater systems, reducing waste disposal and trade waste costs. Workers also require less PPE than traditional de-scalers. What’s more, Triple7 Eco-Scale is safe to use for removing calcium limescale from equipment without dismantling, allowing businesses to save on shutdown time, loss of production and labour costs.

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