Benefits of Using Industrial Parts Washers

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Optimizing productivity and efficient time management is foremost on any business owner’s mind. In the case of businesses that involve repairing, reassembling and maintaining vehicle and equipment parts, cutting out unnecessary tasks to devote precious resources, like time and effort, to more worthwhile activities ensures their smooth operations. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of using industrial parts washers.

Easy and Powerful Parts Washing

Parts washers are designed to easily and effectively remove dirt, grime, grease, and other contaminants from vehicle and equipment parts. These machines deliver impressive results, even for stubborn, burnt-on carbon deposits every time.

Reduced Labour Time

The reduced labour time is another great benefit of using parts washers. It would normally take a lot of time (and elbow grease!) to scrub away at hard-to-remove contaminants. However, with industrial parts washers, especially ones that are equipped with heavy duty pumps, large soaking baskets, or agitators, it is possible to clean components with minimum amount of effort. This helps free up precious time for workers to do other important tasks.

Reduced Expenses Over Time

Parts washers reduce expenses in a variety of ways:

  • Save on water – Parts washers are designed to use less water than would normally be used when manually washing parts.
  • Save on detergents or solvent use – These machines also use less detergent than would be used in manual parts washing. There are also parts washers that are used in conjunction with filters and safe, recyclable solvents to extend the life of the cleaning solvent.
  • Save on wastewater disposal – When using parts washers that help you save water, detergents and solvents, the amount of wastewater to be handled will also diminish. This will also mean savings on toxic waste management and regulatory and compliance-associated costs.
  • Save on unnecessary repair, maintenance and replacement costs – Using parts washers ensures the prolonged life of your parts and equipment, preventing breakdowns that will result in costly repairs and/or replacements.

Variety of Parts Washers

Depending on a particular organization’s needs, there is a wide range of options available for parts washers. There are different parts washers based on cleaners (solvent-based, aqueous, or biological parts washers) and functionality (rotary, immersion, high-pressure spray cabinet, and ultrasonic). There are also different sizes of parts washers to choose from depending on the types and volume of parts cleaned. Since parts washing is not one-size-fits-all, it is good to have options to choose from.

Safer Work Environment

Switching to safe parts cleaning solvents and detergents from traditional chemicals reduces the risk of hazards and dangers, such as fires or explosions in the workplace. It also means reduced exposure to adverse health effects brought about by such chemicals as trichloroethylene, n-Hexane, and other such chemicals.

A Necessary Investment

Automatic industrial parts washers come with expensive initial costs, but these powerful machines are guaranteed to pay for themselves over time. They are durable and depending on the model, come with advanced features like filtration systems that ensure parts cleaning solutions can be reused, pressurised jet sprays, heating, soaking, and so much more.

Parts washers increase productivity, reduce labour time and expenses and provide a variety of options and safer working environments. Over time, businesses will see greater profits and yield when using industrial parts washers.

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