Envirofluid is delighted and honoured to announce that, after being shortlisted in the 43rd Annual Governor of Victoria Export Awards, we have been chosen as the Regional Exporter of the year 2022! We want to thank Global Victoria for this wonderful distinction.

A huge thank you to our determined and dynamic team without whom this recognition would not have been possible, as well as to our valued and loyal clients who are the reason we do what we do!

Catherine Dorward, Executive Assistant, attended the event which was held at The Great Hall of the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. Catherine had the following to say about the event: “What an honour it was to be sitting next to Beth Jones, CEO Regional Development Victoria, and shaking hands with some of Victoria’s leading dignitaries including Her Excellency the Honourable Linda Dessau, Governor of Victoria, Treasurer and Minister for Economic Development, Tim Pallas MP, and Tim Piper, Head of Victoria, Australian Industry Group.”

Congratulations to all the other enterprises that were recognised at the event! Special mention to Ultra Violette for winning Global Victoria Woman’s Award, and SDI Limited who won the coveted Victorian Exporter of the Year award. We wish our fellow awardees luck in representing Victoria at the National awards in November.

Click here for the full list of winners: https://global.vic.gov.au/our-programs-and-services/our-programs/governor-of-victoria-export-awards

The Governor of Victoria Export Awards (GOVEA) is an annual event that recognises and celebrates the excellence and success of Victoria’s exporters. This year will be the 43rd of the prestigious event, and as always, will commend and reward leadership and innvation in international trade.

Envirofluid is honoured to be named a finalist for the Regional Exporter category in the Governor of Victoria Export Awards 2022.

Members of the Envirofluid team will be attending the awards dinner where winners will be announced on the 20th of September, Tuesday. The event will be held The Great Hall of the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne.

Envirofluid again had the honour of being nominated as a finalist for 3 categories at a prestigious event, this time at the Australian Defence Industry Awards.

We were honoured to receive the Manufacturer of the Year award and would like to thank Defence Connect and the Australian Defence Department for this distinction.

This is a fantastic recognition of our team’s effort, dedication and innovation in order to meet our customers’ need for environmentally compliant chemicals for the aviation industry and workshops. Our range have a high concentrate, meaning less stock needed.

Our Executive Assistant, Catherine Dorward, accepted the award on our behalf and had the following to say on the night: “We would like to thank Defence Connect, KBR and the Australian Defence Industry Awards. I want to thank Enviroflud, I’ve actually only been with Envirofluid for 4 months and it’s fantastic to work with an organisation that looks after their people, the environment, as well as the aviation industry. I also want to thank Boeing who have recently come on board with us and joined us in our endeavours.”

Catherine attended the event last night at the National Convention Centre in Canberra with her fiance Lathan Black and our distinguished guest, Mark Smith, from Boeing who recently became one of our valued distributors.

Congratulations to Hypersonix Launch Systems for winning Aerospace Business of the Year, PMB Defence for winning SME of the Year, and to all the companies and individuals who took home awards last night!

Euronaval, the largest and oldest naval exhibition, draws naval defence industry professionals, major decision-makers and commanders of military and state navies from around the globe. It is a biennial International Naval Defence & Maritime Exhibition and Conference. This year, it is scheduled to take place from 18th to 21st October 2022 at Le Bourget Exhibition and Conference Centre in Paris.

Envirofluid, along with our European Sales Partner, T&T Eco, will be at Euronaval 2022 together with Team Defence Australia to showcase work safe and environmentally compliant chemistries that are formulated to improve lives, businesses and drive innovation.  The powerful and safe alternatives not only assist in WHS compliance, but also allow companies to save up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year just by making a few simple changes.

Visit us at the Team Defence Australia stand to know more about scale removal products, degreasing cleaners, cost saving parts washing solutions, and more.

Please feel free to contact us to book an appointment ahead of the event.

The Defence Connect Australian Defence Industry Awards recognise the top people and organisations that contribute to growth and innovation in the sector across the nation.

This year, 248 finalists were announced representing businesses and individuals supporting the defence supply chain–from primes, SMEs, academic institutions and associations through to high-performing defence executives, Indigenous and female leaders, students, scientists, technicians and academics.

Envirofluid is honoured to have been shortlisted for three categories in this year’s Australian Defence Industry Awards: SME of the Year, Aerospace Business of the Year and Manufacturer of the Year. To view the full list of finalists, click here.

Winners will be announced on Thursday, 15 September, at a black tie dinner to be held at the National Convention Centre Canberra.

From 4th to 6th October, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre will be home to LAND FORCES 2022. The event is expected to be a powerful forum for key decision-makers in the region including government representatives, defence officials, military procurement managers and senior army officers and open up networking opportunities with defence materiel manufacturers, equipment suppliers and service providers.

Envirofluid is proud to be joining the event and will bring groundbreaking innovations to the defence industry which improve efficiencies while providing cost savings and work health and safety enhancements.

We will display parts washer solutions, scale removal products, degreasers and cleaners, and other specialty resource industry products.

Visit us at POD46! We would love to hear about your organisation and find out how we can help you.

T&T Eco, Envirofluid’s distributor across the UK and Europe, will be representing the company at the Lubricant Expo and Bearing Show. The exhibitions will be held and co-located at Messe Essen, Germany, from 6-8th September 2022.

The Lubricant Expo and Bearing Show will connect lubricant solution providers and bearing technology providers with the full range of end-user buyers and the entire chemical and equipment supply chain, as well as the technology, equipment and materials supply chains.

The Lubricant Expo will feature a comprehensive showcase of lubricant technologies, including finished lubricants, additives, process equipment and machinery, and more.

Meanwhile, the Bearing Show will provide visitors with a showcase of bearing technologies for industrial applications, including complete bearings, condition monitoring, and design and engineering, among others.

T&T Eco will be at Stand 235, demonstrating the Purasolve PS6 Parts Washer, a heavy-duty parts cleaning system that uses a unique and versatile recycling bio-solvent that increases safety and reduces costs. Additionally, NATO-codified Defence product range for Naval, Air and Land forces will be featured at the exhibit.

Additionally, T&T Eco are available to advise regarding Chemical Rationalisation, Improving worker Safety & Sustainability as well as our Industrial Product lines including: Quick-break Degreasers, Non-corrosive Descalers, Non Flammable Bio-Solvents – including Brake Cleaner & Paint Equipment Cleaner, Precision Parts Cleaners, Surface Preparation & MRO worksafe products.

Industrial Safe & Sustainable Solutions that do not cost the Earth!

If you will be at the Lubricant Expo and Bearing Show, we invite you to get in touch with Mike Page to set up an appointment:

T&T Eco
Mobile: +44 7599 516240
Email: mike@tandteco.com
Web: www.tandteco.com

Envirofluid is honoured to be selected as a finalist for three categories in the Australian Aviation Awards 2022.
Aviation Support Business of the Year
Manufacturing/Maintenance Business of the Year
Safety Innovator of the Year

The Australian Aviation Awards is the premier event of the year that recognises leading professionals and businesses in the Australian aviation industry. The awards are regarded as one of the aviation profession’s most prestigious accolades, pinpointing professional development and showcasing the individuals and businesses leading the way in the industry.

The finalists, which were announced on Thursday, 21 July 2022, feature individuals and businesses across various fields in Aviation, from pilots, commercial staff, support teams, manufacturing, and more.

To be recognised for three categories is quite a privilege and Envirofluid is honoured to be counted among other such esteemed nominees. The black tie gala dinner will be held on 1 September 2022, Thursday, at The Star, Sydney, where winners will be announced.

To show our support to NAIDOC week, Envirofluid is thrilled to announce our official partnership with Yerran Industrial, a 100% Indigenous-owned and operated Local Darwin Business. Yerran Industrial boasts more than 80 years’ combined experience in the construction, defence, mining and resources (oil and gas) industries.

The team at Yerran Industrial has ample experience working with products supplied by Envirofluid, not only with Australian-made environmentally friendly chemicals, but more recently, including the contract for the rental of many parts washers across the army, navy and air force. Yerran Industrial also provides 3PL services for Envirofluid in the Northern Territory, an arrangement that we find invaluable.

Yerran Industrial is accredited to a full member of the Northern Territory Indigenous Business Network and the Australian Industry and Defence Network-Northern Territory. The company is also a Certified Indigenous Supplier with Supply Nation.

There are policies in place through the Australian federal and state governments that show support to our Indigenous counterparts and help stimulate Indigenous businesses throughout our nation. The Indigenous procurement policy has been developed to significantly increase the rate of purchasing from Indigenous enterprises, which we are happy to play a small part in.

Recently, Yerran Industrial showcased Envirofluid products at Connect 2022, Supply Nation’s annual flagship event for the Indigenous business sector. The event, which is held in May each year, brought together over 1,860 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses, corporate organisations and government departments in order to showcase the calibre of diverse Indigenous businesses, aboriginally-sourced products and promote networking opportunities.

Envirofluid joins in the nation’s goal of the economic empowerment of indigenous businesses and Australians and we look forward to working alongside Yerran Industries..

Most Businesses, large and small, have a greater impact on their community than they realize through the procurement decisions they make on a daily basis. Organisations have a great responsibility to recognise how they indirectly impact their network and partners with the social and environmental ramifications within the supply chain being highlighted in recent years. Emphasizing sustainable procurement and developing programs that support such practices benefit the company as well as the wider community.

What is Sustainable Procurement?

Sustainable procurement takes into consideration the social, economic and environmental factors, while not compromising on price and quality, in the organisation’s purchasing processes and decisions.

More than just meeting compliance programs and maintaining corporate social responsibility, effective sustainable procurement strategies ensure that organisations are not only capitalizing on benefits, but reducing negative repercussions as much as possible. For companies that are either about to establish their first sustainable initiative or planning to expand an existing one,  incorporating their supply chain processes is integral to achieving sustainability goals.

The Pillars of Sustainable Procurement

1. Environmental – This deals with minimising the impact on the environment from purchasing practices. Compliance with local and/or national environmental laws concerning CO2 emissions, maintainance of  minimal carbon footprint, as well as the elimination of hazardous materials and waste are just some examples.

2. Social – Considering the social impacts of purchasing decisions such as ensuring worker health and safety, upholding employee rights and fair compensation, as well as ensuring consumer safety and child labour prevention, to name a few.

3. Economic – The cost of shifting to sustainable products and services also needs to be justified. Some investments might cost the company in the beginning but provide significant returns or cost of ownership reductions over time.

Benefits of Sustainable Procurement

With goals such as improving the quality of the environment, communities and the economy it can be easy to see the benefit companies will reap in the process.

  • Risk and reputation – Now more than ever, businesses are expected to be responsible and have a legal and moral obligation to ensure that the way they conduct their operations is above reproach. Consumers and other entities will have no problems doing business with companies that take steps toward reducing or eliminating injury to people or damage to the environment.
  • Cost reduction – An effective sustainable procurement strategy will ensure cost reductions for a business in terms of improved supply chain efficiency, lower energy consumption and minimal waste, among many others. The savings can be used to make further changes to the company to improve productivity and performance and can result in increased profits over time.
  • Revenue growth – A strong corporate social and environmental responsibility program builds brand value and gives a competitive advantage. The Global Sustainability Study 2021, conducted by Simon-Kucher & Partners, has revealed that consumers are more likely to trust firms that have a reputation for sustainability, which can lead to more business. Of over 10,000 respondents across 17 countries, 85 percent have stated that they have shifted toward being more sustainable over the past five years.
  • Future-proofing – Organisations that have established and continued to strengthen sustainable procurement policies are more likely to future-proof themselves against supply scarcity, price volatility as well as social, economic and environmental changes.

Establishing and implementing a sustainable procurement program can be challenging, but the benefits cannot be overstated. The advantages presented by such policies have motivated numerous firms to ensure sustainability within their supply chain to impressive results.

This is because consumers and other businesses choose entities that have ingrained sustainability into their value chain, which is substantiated by a 2020 report showing that companies with better sustainable investment profiles consistently outperform those without. The continued growth in sustainably invested assets worldwide is evidence that it works and that it is here to stay.

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