Envirofluid is pleased to announce that we will be at the Aerospace & Defense Supplier Summit 2022 at Seattle Washington State Convention Center, USA.

The event is being held from April 11-13.

The A&DSS is a supply chain event that gathers aerospace and defense primes, tier suppliers, and contract-manufacturers to help move the industry forward.

Envirofluid will be highlighting our high-performance, sustainable, and Worksafe solutions targeted towards the aerospace and defense industries.


A video outlining best practices for washing an aircraft exterior


Powerful worksafe chemicals for cleaning & maintaining aircraft

Envirofluid recognises the toll the recent fighting has had on Ukrainian refugees. When Rapid Relief Team put out the call for donations to Operation 322 in aid of the extraordinary humanitarian needs of those severely affected, our team knew that we had to help.

Together with numerous individuals and organisations, Envirofluid helped RRT reach and surpass their target of £250,000 and raised £382,500. RRT achieved its single biggest fundraising achievement yet, which was met within 20 hours of going live.

This is one more way we were able to work with global organisations like NATO and UNICEF in supporting a joint cause for a better world.

Rapid Relief Team exists to offer hope and relief to people across the globe. To learn more about RRT’s fundraising efforts for Ukrainian refugees or to donate, visit: https://rrtglobal.org/gb/operations-appeals/operation-322/

Whether you work in the automotive industry, construction, plumbing, mining, or other similar jobs, you are bound to get your hands dirty using tools and machinery all day every day. Grease, grime, and all types of dirt can cling to your hands and removing them at the end of the workday can seem like another job all on its own. You need a hand soap like GritMitts to remove things like paint, resin, inks and solvents, ingrained dirt, grease, and other stubborn stains and odours without difficulty.

A Cut Above the Rest

Whilst there are various hand soaps out in the market, GritMitts provides numerous benefits over other products:

  1. Powerful cleaning – GritMitts utilizes the combined power of pumice grit and the deep cleaning strength of natural citrus oils for heavy-duty performance.
  2. Tough on dirt, gentle on skin – The product, while highly effective against different types of soiling, is gentle on skin and leaves hands feeling great with the help of moisturizers.
  3. Contains no harsh chemicals – GritMitts cleans hands easily and quickly without the potential irritation that can be caused by harmful chemicals.
  4. Versatile – The product can be used for a variety of applications aside from washing hands; it can remove grime from most surfaces including fabrics, vinyl, BBQ grills and ovens!
  5. Affordable and cost-effective – GritMitts sells for less than $5. And because it is highly effective at removing soiling, you need less water and less energy to get hands and surfaces clean.
  6. You also don’t need a lot of different products because GritMitts does it all!
  7. Australian-Made – GritMitts is Australian-Made so you can be sure it is made from high quality materials, and with excellence and customer satisfaction in mind.

Get Rid of Dirt Easier

You already have hard jobs that leave you covered with grime and dust, you don’t want to spend more time than is necessary cleaning up at the end of the day. Let GritMitts make your lives easier by getting rid of the dirt and sweat quickly after a hard day’s work!


Multi-Purpose Soap Bar



Since its establishment in 2012, Solider On has grown into Australia’s only national, fully integrated support services provider for members of the Australian Defence Force and their families.

The organisation supports those who have served and continue to serve in the ADF and has an excellent track record of providing practical and emotional assistance to veterans and their families as they transition to civilian life post-service.

Soldier On Australia is a non-profit organisation and one of the ways they are able to provide the much-needed support to veterans is through the help of companies and individuals who pledge their time and money for the cause.

In line with this, Solider On holds an event known as “March On”, a 96km march to support and raise funds for the organisation’s life-saving mental health services to help our brave veterans and their families. The 96km challenge represents the Kokoda Track and the men who defended it in the Second World War.

Envirofluid would like to invite you as we March On to support our current and ex-service personnel and their families and help prevent veteran suicide. You can visit our fundraising page here for more details: https://www.marchonchallenge.org.au/fundraisers/Envirofluid

From 15th to 18th February Envirofluid will be exhibiting our products at the Singapore Airshow at the Changi Exhibition Centre in Singapore.

Every two years, the Singapore Airshow brings together high-level government and military delegations and senior corporate executives with the aim of forging partnerships and sealing major deals. It is Asia’s most influential airshow and is the platform for leading aerospace companies and budding industry players from all over the world to showcase their most state-of-the-art technologies.

Envirofluid is pleased to be part of this exhibit where we will be highlighting our range of Worksafe and environmentally sustainable Triple7 products and high-performance and low-hazard Purasolve solvents.

We have powerful and environmental solutions for

  • Aircraft Exterior Washdown
  • Aircraft Interior Cleaning
  • Catering & Food Service Area Cleaners
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment
  • Terminal & Hanger Cleaning
  • Workshops & Maintenance Products
  • Parts Washing
  • Sanitisers & Disinfectants

Come see us at the Australian Government stand to learn more about our products and services!

Envirofluid recognises the important work that Movember is doing in the field of men’s health.

Movember is a foremost global organisation dedicated to making a positive impact for men. It raises funds to deliver innovative, breakthrough research and support for men’s health projects so they can live longer and happier lives.

In this regard, an annual fundraising event is held which involves the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness concerning the health issues that plague men the world over. The Foundation focuses on funding projects centered around prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

Envirofluid is pleased to be part of helping move forward this cause by supporting Penske, ASC, and iEnvironmental Australia through donations as they have committed their efforts to Movember.

Countless businesses and countries around the world have announced that they are committing to “zero carbon” goals within the next few decades in answer to the worldwide call to combat climate change and its calamitous results.

Climate change is on the forefront of the world’s most pressing crises, and world leaders are running against the clock in an effort to beat back its effects. According to McKinsey Sustainability, climate change poses a significant physical risk, which will only continue to rise until emission reduction goals are achieved.

The discussion around climate action has introduced several terms to our vernacular, such as “zero carbon” and “net zero”. Often, these terms are used interchangeably; however, they are very different approaches in the fight against climate change.

Zero Carbon vs. Net Zero

Zero carbon means that there is no production of carbon emissions from a product or service. Therefore, there is no need to capture or offset carbon.

Meanwhile, net zero refers to the practice of balancing out the whole amount of greenhouse gas released with the amount removed from the atmosphere.

A Growing Demand

There has been a growing demand for organizations to reduce emissions the world over. This year, the UK hosted the UN Climate Change Conference COP26, which aims to bring world leaders together to commit to urgent global climate action and work towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

COP26 goals include securing net zero and limiting global temperature rise to no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius, and adapting to protect communities and natural habitats.1

Several household-name businesses have recently answered the call and pledged to rapid decarbonization, such as Microsoft, Apple, Shell, Qantas, Rio Tinto, and BHP, to name a few. The pressure to eliminate carbon emissions, while initially faced only by governments and large companies, will eventually spread to small businesses.

What does this mean for your business? And why does your company need to commit to sustainable outcomes?

If they aren’t already in place, it won’t be long before government regulations, policies and laws will require businesses to adapt in order to avoid facing hefty compliance fees or suits. Sooner rather than later, companies who fail to keep in step with the global movement towards climate action will find the countries in which they operate making the decision for them, resulting in increased pressure to act. Not to mention, you can expect there to be mounting demand from your shareholders and customers to do so.

Shift to Sustainable Products

There are various ways for companies to establish and implement internal carbon strategies. One of these is by practicing sustainable procurement, which takes other factors into consideration, such as social, economic, and environmental aspects, alongside price and quality, in their purchasing processes. Companies that implement sustainable procurement factor in compliance with environmental laws in their considerations, and ensure that their suppliers are thoroughly vetted for fair labour practices. They also ensure the removal of hazardous materials and waste in the supply chain.

One way that Envirofluid helps its clients achieve their zero carbon goals through sustainable procurement is by providing industrial chemicals that are:

  • Renewable
  • Bio-based
  • Readily biodegradable

By using sustainable chemicals, your company will be one step closer to achieving your climate action goals and doing your part in the global race against time to fight climate change. By baking in sustainable procurement into your zero carbon strategy now, you will not only be preventing costly environmental compliance fees, you will also reap benefits including increased innovation, risk management, competitive advantage, and business growth.

1 https://ukcop26.org/cop26-goals/

Envirofluid is pleased to announce that we are once again supporting the Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (RAEME) events this year.

The Darwin RAEME birthday will be held on 26th November at Robertson Barracks and the
Brisbane RAEME event will be held on 1st December at Enoggera Barrracks.

The RAEME Spanner Club is known for bringing together RAEME Craftsmen for a time of networking and for providing an opportunity to meet with suppliers of relevant products for the association.

Envirofluid will showcase our range of Purasolve safety solvents and high performance, eco-friendly and Worksafe Triple7 cleaning solutions.

The Envirofluid RAEME Stubby Holders have become quite a collecters item over the years and will be given out at the events.

We look forward to seeing you there!

We’ll be glad to answer your questions, and help you improve worker safety and health, protect the environment, and reduce costs!

Lean Manufacturing is a proven business philosophy that has helped countless organizations throughout the years. The principle constantly challenges companies to enhance and innovate in order to achieve efficiency and rise above the growing competition in the global market. Using Envirofluid products provide clients with the benefits of lean manufacturing.

Originating from the well-known automotive company, Toyota, as part of its Toyota Production System, lean manufacturing (also referred to as lean production or kaizen, which means improvement), involves a series of processes that aims to maximize productivity and increase levels of production whilst minimising waste of material and labour.

The process includes “just-in-time” manufacturing, where companies keep inventory at low levels in an as-needed basis, and reduction of downtime. In a nutshell, the objective of lean manufacturing is to eliminate that which does not add value to the product, company and customer, and delivering the best possible product to clients quickly and with as fewer obstacles as possible.

So how can Envirofluid products help your company with your lean objectives?

Lean Benefits of Envirofluid Chemistries

Increased Product Efficiency

Kaizen – change for good

Envirofluid chemicals are typically more effective than the traditional (mostly toxic) products they replace, requiring less labour and time spent cleaning, and increasing worker productivity, which translates to labour and cost savings.

Improved Downtimes

Kaizen – change for good

Because Envirofluid products can often be used with equipment in situ, reducing the need for dismantling of items for maintenance, downtimes are shortened (to over 90 percent in some cases) resulting in fewer delays.


Muda – Reducing waste/wasteful activity

The bio-based and biodegradable formulation of Envirofluid products ensure less waste resulting in significant reduction in waste disposal costs.

Reduced Inventory Requirements

Mura – Reducing inconsistencies

With our range of versatile chemicals, businesses need not stock up on numerous products for different applications. In addition, because Envirofluid chemicals are also highly concentrated, a little goes a long way, helping with stock control.

Improved Worker Safety and Satisfaction

Muda – Reducing over burden and exhaustion

The bio-based and biodegradable formulation of Envirofluid products ensure l When employees are confident that the chemicals they use are safer, their morale goes up, making for a happier workplace. The reduced administrative controls, mechanical inputs, and PPE requirements of Envirofluid products also translate to hefty cost savings over time. Attention to elimination and substitution of chemical products can save over 80 percent of labour input in management and control responsibilities.

Increased Profits

Kaizen – change for good

With Envirofluid products you get better quality chemicals, less waste, reduced costs, and increased productivity, resulting in increased profits!

Streamlining the cleaning and maintenance processes at your workplace with Envirofluid chemicals will free up your time to devote to better pursuits, such as providing your customers with top quality products and services on time, and ensuring their satisfaction.

DSEI 2021 has had a huge turnout, with the world’s defence and security community coming together to strengthen relationships, share knowledge and engage in the latest capabilities across the exhibition’s Aerospace, Land, Naval, Security and Joint zones.

Envirofluid, represented by T&T Eco, is pleased to be part of this year’s exhibit and being able to showcase our high-performance, Worksafe, cost-effective and innovative products on a global scale.

Many thanks to Aidan Brown, the Defence Commission Office, and the Ministry of Defence for facilitating Envirofluid’s participation in this year’s DSEI.

Mike Page, our representative, met with High Commissioner of Australia to the United Kingdom, George Brandis at the event.