Australian Made Week

australian made

There has always been a strong sense to gravitate toward other Australians even when we are on the other side of the planet. If we get locked in to the hotel/pub due to Hurricane Irene, we find the other Aussies in the crowd and we spend the night talking to them. It’s not like we can go anywhere, all of New York is shut.

This same mentality is prevalent in our purchasing statistics. Aussies prefer to buy Australian Made! And why wouldn’t we? It means something special to be able to create products here and when a client asks, “Where are they made?”, we can confidently say, “Here in Australia, we’re based in Victoria.”

When we buy something that is Australian Made, we are helping support local business and communities. Keeping the jobs here, in our back yard! From the sourcing of raw materials, the manufacture of the product, even the freight to have the items shipped to you as the end user. It’s all an Australian Chain!

May 15-21 is Australian Made Week and we are so proud to be able to be a part of your ‘Buying Aussie Made’ purchases.

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