Wastewater Costs Savings | The cost impact of effective oil / water separation

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There are strict regulations which govern wastewater quality in Australia and in most parts of the world. Disposal and treatment of wastewater that does not meet regulations can be a major cost for businesses, particularly those who deal with large volumes of oily water waste.

For industrial cleaning and degreasing operations, cost effective wastewater management relies on the efficient removal of oils and other hydrocarbons from wastewater prior to its release. This is normally achieved through gravity type oil water separators. The performance of these separators is greatly affected by the choice of degreaser employed and the correct choice can result in waste disposal cost saving in the hundreds of thousands – or more.

Apart from reducing wastewater disposal costs, the right choice industrial degreaser can also reduce water usage. By using non-toxic, readily biodegradable quick break degreasers, wastewater can be reused in other applications such as dust suppression or other industrial processes.


oil water separator quick break degreaserFortescue Metals Group

Complete Oily Water Separation Resulting in Enormous Cost Savings

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With the help of Envirofluid, FMG recently implemented a simple change in choice of quick break degreaser for its iron ore train cleaning operations. The results were instant and dramatic, leading directly to a saving of hundred of thousands of dollars in wastewater disposal and treatment costs.

The change also removed toxic ingredients from the cleaning process which led to reduced health risks to workers and better environmental outcomes.

degreaser-oilCity Council Trial

Vehicle degreasing and wash bay. Oil water separator trial.

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The standard cleaning and degreasing chemical for vehicle and equipment wash down at a City Council was replaced with Triple7 Heavy Duty quick break degreaser to determine the effects on the Oil Water Separator. The results saves thousands of dollars in wastewater costs.
oil water separatorNational Parks

Equipment Washdown Oil Water Separation.

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National park rangers and maintenance staff based in Nowra, NSW faced some significant wastewater challenges at one of their vehicle and equipment wash bays. By changing their cleaning and degreasing products, park managers were able to stop the release of oily waste into the environment, reduce water usage and eliminate toxic chemicals altogether.

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