Underwater Surface Preparation Using Triple7 Heavy Duty

surface cleaning

The Situation

The wet side (underwater area) of large marine vessels required preparation prior to repainting. The problem in the past had been that an acidic degreaser has been used, which resulted in the flaking of paint around the water line (blue & white paint border).

As the ship passes through the water, the agitation caused by the seawater easily removes paint if the surface has not been perfectly cleaned prior to painting. This loss of paint underwater is a threat to the ship’s hull as corrosion can take hold if left untreated.

The Challenge

To effectively prepare the ship’s underwater surface for repainting without using an acidic degreaser.

The brief also asked for a Non Dangerous Good, Non Hazardous product that is safe for the operators to use and safe for the environment as the spray from the wash could fall on workers underneath and, of course, the runoff could end up in the Sydney Harbour.

The Hazards

The previously used acidic degreaser was a hazard from a handling and storage point of view. In contrast, Triple7 Heavy Duty will not require special storage cabinets or bunding.

The Solution

Using Triple7 Heavy Duty at a ratio of 10:1, the solution was brushed on with a soft brush and then the residue was washed away with a pressure sprayer, leaving a clean sanitised surface for the new paint to adhere to.

The Outcome

The immediate results are evident as can be seen in the photograph, with a prominent well-defined waterline, restoring the required protection of the hull from corrosion.

Improving Lives

Triple7 Heavy Duty is bio based, non-dangerous good, non-hazardous, non-ionic, and readily biodegradable to Australian standards.

Improving Business

The solution removed Worksafe and environmental hazards with better results.

Improving Innovation

The substitution of hazardous chemicals complied with the Federal Work Health Safety Guidelines diminishing the need for additional administration controls and safety items.

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