Triple7 Odour Control Eliminates Foul Odours Around Sydney Town Hall

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With Envirofluid’s help, the bad odours emanating from around the old
Sydney Council Offices in George Street have been eliminated.

The Situation

The Sydney County Council Cleaning Team reached out to Envirofluid to see if we could help them solve a problem with bad odours emanating from the stairwells around old Sydney Council Offices in George Street. Continued defacement and other waste tended to plague the building perimeters, stairwells, and surrounding areas.

The smells had become so overpowering that council workers refused to use the stairwells as a method of entering the offices. Initially, the cleaners had tried to remove the smells with another product, which seemed to only mask the odours and made matters worse instead of solving the problem.

The Challenge

The Council needed to find an effective solution that will successfully remove the urine smells and the masking scent left by the previously used deodoriser.

The Solution

Envirofluid recommended the use of Triple7 Odour Control, a non-toxic, bio-based surfactant cleaner and deodoriser that destroys odours at the source instead of masking them. It is a Worksafe and eco-friendly product that is better for workers and the environment than traditional cleaning agents.

An Envirofluid representative attended the site together with the local cleaning time, and over a 5-day period, cleaned and sprayed all the affected areas with Triple7 Odour Control.

The Outcome

The urine smell was so entrenched into the porous stonework that it took 3 days to get rid of it, and a further 2 days to get rid of the masking scent left by the previous deodorising product. Initially, the cleaning crew continued using Triple7 Odour Control every day to maintain the area; they have since cut the use of the product down to 2-3 times a week. They have also started using the product around the city in bus stops and doorways and other areas that people use as toilets. Triple7 Odour Control has become a part of their cleaning regimen and they have now been using it for over 5 years.

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