Triple7 Enviroscale Eliminates Radar Cooling Systems Issues Aboard Navy Vessel

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The ship was experiencing issues with biofilm and algae deposits in the radar cooling water systems that are essential for communication. Triple7 Enviroscale was used to eliminate these deposits safely with minimal downtime and no damage to sensitive equipment.

The Situation

The Navy Vessel in question are equipped with cooling systems that are essential for cooling the on-board radar systems. The cooling water system uses demineralised fresh water to help stop corrosion; however, due to bacteria, biofilm and algae deposits have formed, blocking the pipes. A Defence-approved contractor was called in to assess the situation and recommend a solution.

The Challenge

The cooling water systems must be effectively cleaned using non corrosive chemistries to ensure no damage to the sensitive equipment.

The Solution

The Contractor concluded that Triple7 Enviroscale was the best product for the job. It is a powerful botanical formulation that removes limescale, calcium, and other deposits from any surface without corroding the surface material. It is a Worksafe and environmentally-friendly alternative to standard descaling products.

Triple7 Enviroscale is easy to use, and contains no toxic or harmful chemicals. Due to its natural properties and low flammability, it can be used to remove deposits from equipment without dismantling, saving on shutdown time, loss of production, and labour costs.

1400 litres of Triple7 Enviroscale was used at 10% solution and was circulated through the pipework for 6 hours. The Contractor believes that the exceptional results achieved would not have been possible if not for the unique and high performance formulation of Triple7 Enviroscale.

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