Triple7 Enviroscale Eliminates Marine Biofouling from Heat Exchangers

The Situation

Space Ventilation and Heat Exchangers aboard a Naval ship had become severely choked with marine growth, causing inefficiencies within the system.

The previous cleaning substances used were composed of Hydrochloric, Sulphamic and Phosphoric Acids – strong inorganic acids which are toxic and require extensive personal protective equipment (PPE) when transporting, storing and handling. They are typically a Class 8 Dangerous Good and must not be used in confined spaces without extensive administrative controls.

In addition, these descalers are extremely corrosive and cause costly repairs to heat exchangers and fire systems when unintentionally left in the system for too long, and/or are trapped within pipework ‘dead legs’.

DG chemicals expose the environment to risks and must be disposed of as toxic waste, resulting in hefty discharge and waste disposal fees.

The Challenge

The crew faced the challenge of effectively eliminating the marine biofouling from the heat exchangers, without the need for dismantling. The method and/or product should also be safe for workers and the environment, as well as the equipment.

The Solution

Triple7 Enviroscale is a powerful surfactant formulation that removes encrustation from virtually any surface, without corroding surface material.

Containing a unique proprietary bio-based acid blend that is NATO-codified, it is also accredited for use in Registered Food Establishments (safe for use in galleys, messes, and kitchens).

The product does not create highly corrosive and acidic hazardous waste and spent product can be flushed to sewer (check with local regulations).

Triple7 Enviroscale enables cleaning to be done in situ, eliminating the need for dismantling equipment while reducing shut-down time, loss of production and labour costs. It does not damage elastomeric surfaces, rubbers, seals or gaskets.

The product is readily biodegradable, and is not a Dangerous Good nor a scheduled poison.

Substitution with Triple7 Enviroscale reduces the requirement for detailed safe work procedures, supervision and extensive PPE during cleaning operations.

The Outcome

Triple7 Enviroscale was flushed through the system to remove the blockages.

The pipework was inspected after the initial flush. Triple7 Enviroscale managed to dissolve the growth from the pipework before the units were returned to service with reduced downtime and expenditure.

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