Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus Removes Marine Skeletal Build-up at a Desalination Plant

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Envirofluid used Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus to demonstrate its efficacy with removing marine skeletal build-up at one of the largest Desalination Plants in Australia.

The Situation

Through reverse osmosis technology, the plant extracts water from seawater to produce millions of litres of drinking water. Water-operated equipment such as those found in Australian Desalination Plants commonly acquire build-up.
During the demo, the Envirofluid team was presented with contaminated equipment. The fouling is composed mainly of marine skeletal accumulation.

The Challenge

The desalination plant regularly encounters issues like this and needed a product that would remove build-up quickly and effectively, whilst reducing the risk to their personnel and the environment.

The Solution

Envirofluid trialled Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus on the contaminated surface. Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus is a high-performance surfactant that effectively and easily removes limescale with minimum downtime. It does not damage, harm, or corrode equipment. Because it is free from strong, corrosive acids and toxic ingredients, it is safe for workers, and will not harm water, soil, or air environments.

The Outcome

On application with a brush, Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus was quite reactive but the shells and coral-like growth took longer to dissolve. However, these dislodged faster when a scraper was used.

Desalination plant after use with Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus and a scraper.

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