Triple7 Colloidal Concentrate Revives Garden Centre’s Irrigation System

The Situation

A well-known Australian garden centre was facing issues with high iron content and high sedimentation in their irrigation system, which created biofilm issues such as blocked drippers. In addition, plants irrigated via sprinkling were affected by sediments, iron, and biological growth which settled on leaves and fruits, causing staining. Moreover, the sediment on the plants also caused leaf damage in the form of burns, damaging its growth. This adversely affected the sale value of plants.

Also, some drippers became blocked with other hard objects, such as pebbles or spider legs that have found their way into the system.

The Challenge

The company needed a product that will effectively remove the iron and sediment blockages from their irrigation system. The product must not harm plants and the environment.

The Solution

Envirofluid provided the garden centre with Triple7 Colloidal Concentrate, an environmentally friendly product–it does not contain any ozone depleting chemicals or hazardous air pollutants. It is readily biodegradable and does not bio-accumulate or upset the balance of eco-systems, making it safe for animals and plant life.

The Outcome

10-20 parts per million of Triple7 Colloidal Concentrate was added to the irrigation system which helped to successfully eliminate the biofilm issues and other blockages from the irrigation lines.

Simply adding Triple7 Colloidal Concentrate will keep the irrigation running well and the plants thriving. The product also provide the benefits of lower fertilization rates, and lower oxygen, phosphorus and potassium requirements. The surface tension of the irrigated water is also reduced, resulting in greater infiltration into soils, enabling better and deeper root growth, and less stressed propagation in plants.

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