Triple7 Products Successfully Trialled for Qantas Aircraft Cleaning


The Situation

The airline required a worksafe and environmentally safe aircraft cleaner that had high performance cleaning power, to remove the various soiling found on aircraft.

The Challenge

The crew needed more efficient cleaning products that saved time and labour costs. The products must also adhere to work health and safety standards and comply with environmental regulations.

The Solution

Envirofluid conducted a trial clean of an aircraft with the help of the maintenance crew. The aircraft was washed as per standard cleaning practices.

The trial was conducted as a side-by-side comparison using the previously used cleaning product versus Triple7 Aircraft & Metal Cleaner.

Triple7 Aircraft & Metal is a high-tech super concentrated aircraft cleaner and degreaser. It is powerful, non-corrosive, it is safe for metals, acrylics, rubbers, seals, vinyl, glass, fabrics, paint or other finishes and surfaces that are compatible with water.


The Outcome


Less than 80% product was used compared to the chemicals they had been using previously.

Tough soiling was cleaned with the plant-based solvent, Purasolve CGA Remover.

The cleaning with Envirofluid products even restored oxidised paint coating on the Boeing 747.

Triple7 Aircraft & Metal quickly cleaned off a wide range of soiling including hydraulic and brake fluid stains, fuel stains, greases, and carbon soot with les scrubbing and less chemical usage, providing both labour and chemical cost savings.


In addition it improved the oil/water separation and helped in reducing overall sludge volume, which in turn resulted in better system performance, reduced maintenance costs, and enabled potential options for water recycling.

The product also assisted in filtration by dislodging particulates from filter media and assisting back flushing, which will substantially increase the usable life of the filtration media.

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