Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser Yields Impressive Results at Automotive Rental Company

7th September 2020 | degreaser, eco-safe degreaser, oil water separation, quick break degreaser

Compared to previously used degreasing products, Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser works extremely well with oil/water separators at Australian sites. It provides the automotive rental & maintenance company with significant cost savings.

The truck rental & maintenance company recognised the benefits of Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser in their oil/water separator compared to previously used washdown products.

The Situation

A leading supplier of heavy-duty trucks, diesel and gas engines and power systems which regularly maintains their vehicles and equipment with the help of degreasers. Unfortunately, previous products used have emulsified the oil/water mix making it terribly difficult to separate, causing waste issues.

The Challenge

The company was faced with the challenge of finding a degreaser that does not emulsify the oil and would help towards decreasing plant costs.

The Solution

Envirofluid presented the automotive rental & maintenance company with Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser, a powerful bio-based multi-use degreaser. It is ideal for use in many degreasing applications including metal surface cleaning, equipment cleaning, workshop degreasing, and removal of oils and grime.

It is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable, biodegradable and eco-friendly, making it safe for workers and the environment.

The Outcome

The company was impressed and satisfied with Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser, which works well with their oil/water separator. It does not emulsify the oil when running through the centrifugal pumps, significantly increasing the production of the oleology plant, thus reducing the maintenance and operation costs of the plant.

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