Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser vs Two Popular Degreasing Products at a Mining Company

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Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser triumphed against two popular degreasing products at a trial conducted at an Australian mining company.

The Situation

A mining company regularly cleans their trucks at an onsite workshop. The oil, grease, and dirt that build up on the vehicles drip onto and stain their workshop floor, which also necessitates cleaning and degreasing. Work crews have been using different degreasers and have raised the need for a more effective product.

The Challenge

The challenge lies in finding a degreaser that not only effectively removes oil and stains but can do so without harming workers and the environment.

The Solution

A trial was conducted on a section of the workshop floor in a controlled manner to ensure each of the three degreaser brands were subjected to the same testing.

Each section of the floor used 5 litres of product and was scrubbed with a broom applying medium pressure 3 times. The broom was washed in between each product testing. The floor was hosed out and squeegeed 5 minutes after the final scrub.

Among the 3 products used in the cleaning trial, only Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser ticked all the boxes for foaming, non-slipperiness when applied, oil and stain removal effectiveness, and work safety and environmental friendliness.

The Outcome

The work crews at the mining company concluded that Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser is the degreaser of choice. It not only removes oil very effectively; it is also safer for workers and the environment!

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