Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser Delivers Impressive Results for Australian Council

eco-safe degreaser

The Situation

An Australian council performs regular maintenance and cleaning of pavements and public areas. In some zones, stubborn and deep-seated grease stains have persisted even after multiple attempts at removal with previously used products.

The Challenge

How can the council effectively remove the grease stains and effectively clean other public areas? Is it possible to do this without using products that can cause health concerns and environmental issues?

The Solution

Envirofluid recommended Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser, a powerful, bio-based formulation that is ideal for use in various applications such as in heavy industry, automotive and service applications, workshops, and garages. The product is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-flammable, making it safer for use in public areas.

The council tried different ways of using the product. After using Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser neat, it didn’t work to remove the grease stains. In the photo below, they used it at the correct concentrate with water. They applied the solution and left it for a short dwell time on the problem areas.

The Outcome

The council found that once they used the correct concentrate, Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser was the best they had ever used. It successfully and quickly removed the stubborn and deep-seated grease stains.

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