Triple7 Aerosan Helps Keep Crane Company Workers Safe and Healthy

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Triple7 Aerosan is helping an Australian crane company maintain sanitation of its shared vehicles and ensure the health of its workers.

Due to the current health crisis, businesses must implement stricter protocols in order to ensure their workers’ health and safety. These protocols include practicing physical distancing measures, providing hygiene facilities, providing of PPE, and thorough cleaning and disinfecting of workplaces. 

The Situation

An Australian wide crane company was faced with a potentially risky scenario: some of their workers share equipment and vehicles in shifts, increasing the likelihood of transmission of infection.

The Challenge

The company needed an effective, fast-acting sanitiser that is easy to use.

The Solution

Envirofluid provided the company with Triple7 Aerosan, a fast-drying ethanol-based sanitising spray that immediately kills germs and bacteria. The product is fully Australian-made and contains 70% Ethanol. 

The Outcome

Now, workers can quickly, easily, and effectively clean the cab of their shared vehicles in between shifts to ensure their health and safety.

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