Take Action for Safe Work Australia Month

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Free Guide to Workplace Chemical SafetyFree easy-to-use chemical safety guide.
Find hazards and make simple changes to make your workplace safer.

October is National Safe Work Australia Month. Around Australia businesses large and small are being encouraged to get involved and we are here to help make joining in easy. We believe there is no better place to start than by reducing or eliminating chemical hazards.

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Almost every workplace contains some kind of hazardous chemicals. If you are looking to take action for Safe Work Month, a fresh look at how your organisation uses chemicals is sure to reveal areas for improvement. Our free Chemical Safety Pack is designed to make the process easy and gives you practical steps for making significant improvements.

Anyone Can Improve Chemical Safety

You don’t have to be an expert to improve chemical safety. With our 24 page guide and simple Chemical Quick Assessment Form, anyone is capable of identifying hazardous chemicals and improving safety. You’ll be guided through the process at every step.

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