Successful Tile Restoration with ActiveEco Products

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With help from Envirofluid, this Aquatic Centre restored tiles and pool grids to their original colour.

After spending thousands of dollars and getting lacklustre results from a contractor, this Aquatic Centre trialled ActiveEco products and successfully removed grime and dirt build-up on their tiles.

The Situation:

This Aquatic Centre encountered a problem with grime and dirt build-up on their pool tiles. The management spent $18,000 on a full restoration clean and were still unhappy with the results. The contractors who were hired to clean the tiles left an unsightly mottled effect.

The Challenge:

A week after the contractors did their work, Envirofluid came in and faced the challenge of successfully removing dirt and grime from the tiles without damaging them. The goal was to restore the tiles to their original colour.

The Solution:

ActiveEco Restore and ActiveEco Rejuvenator were used to clean the tiles and pool grids.

The Outcome:

With these products, Envirofluid was able to restore them to their
original colour and good condition. The Aquatic Centre was very impressed with
the results.

ActiveEco Restore and ActiveEco Rejuvenator are safer, cleaner and greener products for cleaning aquatic environments.

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