Sewage system blockages eliminated on Australian Patrol Vessels using Triple7 Products

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Using Triple7 products, an Australian Patrol Boat eliminate sewage system blockage issues and get back into service promptly.

The Situation

Contractor was contacted by Crew on board an Australian Patrol Boat who experienced scaling issues in their sewage system. The pipework had become 70 percent blocked in 12 months.

The Challenge

The Australian Armadale-class Patrol Boats, based in Cairns and Darwin, are primarily tasked with border protection, fisheries patrols, and the interception of unauthorised arrivals by sea. The Crew needed an effective scale removal method that was not only cost-effective but will allow them to quickly get back into the water to perform their duties.

The Solution

Defence approved contactor flushed the system with Triple7 Heavy Duty and Triple7 Enviroscale. These products were originally designed for the Australian Defence Force to flush through onboard sewage systems in submarines.

The Outcome

The photos show the outstanding results of using safe and effective chemical maintenance products.

By using Triple7 Heavy Duty and Triple7 Enviroscale, Defence reduced sustainment costs through not having to dismantle and replace pipework on the Patrol Boat. Rather, conducting an in situ flushing procedure with Triple7 products allowed the Patrol Boat to get back to the important job of protecting Australian borders without delay.

This procedure is now a standard work pack activity.

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