Safe and Effective Mould Removal Aboard an Australian Navy Vessel

2nd September 2019 | cleaning, hazards, safer alternatives, worksafe

With help from Envirofluid, mould was removed in the emergency shower rooms aboard an Australian Navy Vessel, eliminating health risks to the crew.

Exposure to mould has the potential to lead to a variety of health issues, especially for those who are sensitive to moulds. Nasal congestion, wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, and eye, throat, or skin irritation are some of the potential effects of mould exposure. The presence of such fungi in the ship’s shower rooms opens crew members up to health risks prompting them to look for safe ways to remove the mould.

Envirofluid recommended our NSN-coded product, Triple7 Heavy Duty, for mould removal. This powerful water-based, quick break degreaser and cleaner effectively removed the mould at 10% solution. Because the product is free of toxic or hazardous chemicals, it emits no fumes and was safe to use for cleaning in the confined shower rooms.

The specially-formulated chemistry is non-reactive to surfaces ensuring that there is no damage to the cleaned areas. Another benefit to using Triple7 Heavy Duty for mould removal aboard the vessel is that it retards regrowth of mould.

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