Safe and Effective Condenser Descaling with Triple7 Eco-Scale


The Situation

Envirofluid received a website enquiry from a company that encountered severe scaling issues on their HVAC water cooling system. A 7-foot pipe had a 6-inch diameter opening that had become narrowed down to 2 inches due to limescale. The other end of the pipe was in a reactor and it was not possible to plug the other end. They tried using various mainstream products in an effort to solve the problem; however, they were corrosive, damaging their assets, and ineffective at removing the scale build-up. In addition, the products involved dangerous goods handling and high disposal costs.

The Challenge

The company needed to find an effective product that would remove the scale build-up from the condenser. The product also needed to be safe for their equipment, workers, and the environment.

The Solution

Envirofluid provided the company with Triple7 Eco-Scale, a unique and highly effective product for limescale and calcium removal. It is a Worksafe and eco-friendly alternative to traditional descaling products, without the harsh acids that can damage assets, and expose workers to health and safety risks. It is also safer for the environment.

The Outcome

Upon Envirofluid’s suggestion, the company used a football bladder attached to a hose which could be inflated when the bladder reached the other end of the pipe. With this method, and using Triple7 Eco-Scale, they were pleasantly surprised to achieve remarkable descaling results in the pipe.

Triple7 Enviroscale was able to effectively remove the scale build-up without damaging the equipment, and without causing waste disposal issues. Since the pipe was in a reactor, they were happy that Triple7 Eco-Scale can be used in situ, making it convenient and easy to use.

Before – Scaled Up Pipework
During – Natural Scale Removal

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