Revolutionizing Naval Maintenance at REPTX Salv-Ex 2024

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Eco-Friendly Solutions Propel Naval Efficiency and Sustainability

At first glance…

In the ever-evolving defense landscape, ensuring the operational readiness and efficiency of Naval assets remains critical.

At the REPTX Salv-Ex 2024 event in Hawaii, conducted by the National Centre of Manufacturing Science (NCMS) supporting Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), Aurora Supply & Envirofluid presented groundbreaking maintenance solutions that promise to transform Naval maintenance.

This case study explores how these homegrown, innovative products, Triple7 Enviroscale and Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser, both NSN codified and aligned with NATO standards, delivered exceptional results in real-world, high-stress scenarios.

Here’s the story…

Naval vessels face relentless wear and tear, leading to significant downtime and inflated operational costs. The traditional methodology involved the use of dangerous, corrosive goods that require an extended 21 days to passivate metal services.

The task was to reduce the number of days of this process with effective, safe and sustainable maintenance solutions in a demanding defense environment, aligned with the objectives of the AUKUS Alliance—a trilateral security pact involving Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, while also complying with strict ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) criteria. 

Traditional maintenance methods often struggle with efficiency and environmental compliance, particularly under the stringent operational requirements of Naval forces. We needed a solution that could keep up with our needs while ensuring safety and sustainability.

a senior Naval engineer

Maximizing Efficiency with Triple7 Solutions

Envirofluid rose to the challenge with their innovative products, Triple7 Enviroscale and Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser. These non-HAZMAT, easy-to-dispose solutions were engineered to maximize operational efficiency while ensuring environmental safety. Here’s a detailed look at this approach:

Supplies and Equipment

  • Triple7 Enviroscale: Specifically formulated and used by the Australian Defence Force since 2002, this solution is used to descale without compromising critical components like heat exchangers, pipes and seals.
  • Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser: Versatile enough for a range of applications, from cleaning hydraulic oil systems to galley maintenance and capable of achieving discharge levels from waste streams under 5 parts per million (ppm) with its quick break property.


  • Triple7 Enviroscale: Pump casings and fire pipe sections laden with heavy scales were immersed in a Triple7 Enviroscale bath overnight.
  • Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser: Demonstrations included 99% hydraulic oil separation, efficient shaft cleaning and removal of 15-year-old varnished grease deposits.

RIMPAC Exercise

A real-world repair scenario involved a target practice boat in the RIMPAC (Rim of the Pacific) exercise area, testing the speed and effectiveness of the products in overnight repairs.

Safety and Environmental Considerations

Both products are non-toxic and non-HAZMAT, making them safe for personnel and the environment without compromising metal surfaces or rubber seals.

“The efficiency and sustainability demonstrated by Envirofluid’s solutions were exemplary. These products are set to redefine our maintenance protocols.”

a senior officer from the fleet maintenance unit

Transformative Impact

The real-world demonstrations at REPTX Salv-Ex 2024 showcased the remarkable effectiveness of these products.

  • Efficiency: Triple7 Enviroscale achieved complete scale removal within 24 hours, potentially reducing the typical passivation processes.
  • Versatility: Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser excelled across multiple cleaning tasks.
  • Cost-Effective: The approach was significantly more economical than traditional methods, aligning with budgetary constraints.
  • Time-Saving: The solutions minimized downtime, ensuring swift, efficient repairs.
  • Environmental Compliance: Products met rigorous environmental standards, supporting the AUKUS Alliance’s eco-conscious goals.

Curious how your Naval or industrial facility can achieve similar transformative results?

Transform your maintenance protocols with Triple7 solutions.

Contact Envirofluid today to learn how our innovative solutions can restore your operations while promoting sustainability.

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