Revitalising BlueScope Steel’s 40-Year-Old Wash Tunnels

cost-efficient, descaling, safer alternatives

Achieving more than 90% Recovery with Envirofluid’s Triple7 Enviroscale

At first glance…

BlueScope Steel’s facility in Hastings, Victoria, has been a cornerstone of the steel manufacturing industry for over 40 years. However, with equipment of this calibre, we are faced with a unique set of challenges.

With the age of the machine and decades of scale buildup, there’s an amount of risk with any descaling treatment, that may damage equipment, operation and efficiency.

Here’s the story…

BlueScope Steel’s wash tunnel facility in Hastings has been in operation for around 40 years, primarily used for washing and etching coiled steel before colour coating. The system relies on potable water, dosed with chemicals for use and recirculation. However, decades of operation had led to substantial scale buildup, severely inhibiting the wash tunnel’s effectiveness.

The challenge was clear—how to restore the facility’s efficiency without enormous downtime or excessive costs.

The washing tunnel’s inefficiency was costing us time and money, and the maintenance was becoming unmanageable.

— BlueScope

Clearing the Way with Triple7 EnviroScale

Envirofluid stepped in with a comprehensive and eco-friendly solution, utilising the Triple7 EnviroScale, we aimed to dissolve the scale without causing any damage to the infrastructure. Here’s a breakdown of the approach:

Supplies and Equipment:

  • 2 x 1000L of Triple7 EnviroScale
  • One experienced technician onsite for up to 12 hours
  • Additional sundry items necessary for the operation


  • Staff members were in attendance throughout the process, ensuring meticulous oversight.
  • The wash tunnels underwent a 6-hour cleaning operation.

Safety and Environmental Considerations:

  • Triple7 EnviroScale is a non-dangerous good and will not corrode metals, making it a safe choice for both the infrastructure and the environment.

“We never imagined achieving such a significant turnaround in such a short span, and with minimal costs. Envirofluid’s solution was exactly what we needed.”

— BlueScope

Transformative Impact

The outcomes of Envirofluid’s intervention were nothing short of extraordinary:

  • Efficiency Recovery

Achieved more than 90% recovery rate in the wash tunnels’ operation.

  • Cost-Effective

The overall cost was ten times less than what they budgeted for repair.

  • Time-Saving

The entire process was completed within an efficient 6-hour window.

Is your industrial equipment losing efficiency due to age or buildup?

Don’t wait for a breakdown.

Contact Envirofluid today to see how our innovative solutions can extend the life of your infrastructure, boost your productivity and slash operational costs.

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