Removing Scale from Pipework at an Australian Mine

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The Problem

The water supply system at a remote Australian mine was heavily scaled, causing pipe blockages and resulting in a drop in performance. There is a large pipe network for supplying potable water throughout the mine site and the options were to excavate, remove and replace the pipework or find an alternative way to remove the scale build-up without the need to expose the plumbing.


A section of pipe was cut for testing to see if the scale could be removed chemically, without damaging the pipe.


Pipework was sent to the Envirofluid Lab to see if Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus could remove the build-up of scale in the pipe.

Test 1:
Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus – 10% solution with water
Start weight: 41g
pH: 2

Test 2:
Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus – 20% solution with water
Start weight: 44g
pH: 2

The pipework was left soaking for 8 hours. Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus had softened and loosened the scale from inside the pipes and sediment had dropped to the bottom of the beaker.


The pipework was given a gentle tap and the scale was removed, with no damage or corrosion to the pipework.

Test 1:
Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus – 10% solution
End weight: 27g
pH: 4

Test 2:
Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus – 20% solution
End weight: 27g
pH: 4

The Results:

After soaking the pipework section in Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus at both a 10% and 20% solution all the scale was removed from off the pipework.

These results showed that the pipework could be flushed and cleaned in situ on the mine site, providing an easier and cheaper solution than replacing the water pipes.

Product that was trialed

Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus is a unique and highly concentrated limescale and calcium remover designed to meet the challenges of the Mining, Oil and Gas Industry. The highly concentrated formulation of naturally derived acids and bio based surfactants provides maximum limescale removal performance without corrosion damage to valuable equipment.

Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus has been formulated with work safety in mind, offering powerful limescale removal performance without introducing dangerous acids into the workplace. Unlike other limescale removers Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus requires no PPE, contains no toxic or dangerous ingredients and can be disposed of without risk of environmental damage.

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