Removing rust and stubborn grease stains aboard HMAS Diamantina (II)

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With help from Envirofluid, HMAS Diamantina (II) effectively removes rust and grease stains onboard.

HMAS Diamantina (II), named after the Diamantina River, is one of the Royal Australian Navy’s six Huon Class Minehunter (MCM) Coastal vessels. The ship is primarily tasked with keeping Australia’s maritime trading focal points free from the threat of mines.  

The Situation

Rust stains can be seen on the deck of the HMAS Diamantina, and grease stains on the ship’s galley oven.

The Solution

Envirofluid provided HMAS Diamantina with ActiveEco ActiRevenge for rust stain removal on its deck, and Triple7 Heavy Duty for removal of tough grease stains in the galley oven.

The Outcome

ActiveEco ActiRevenge was used to spot the rust stains on board HMAS Diamantina. The product is specially formulated to chemically brighten stainless steel or aluminium surfaces to a ‘like new’ state and is suited to most surfaces. As can be seen on the ‘After Spotting’ image, the product was able to effectively and easily remove rust stains on two different spots on the deck:

Meanwhile, Triple7 Heavy Duty was used to clean the galley oven to remove grease. The product is a powerful water-based quick break degreaser and cleaner. It is free from toxic or hazardous chemicals making it safe to use and eco-friendly.

Envirofluid products are highly effective, helping to reduce the time it takes to get cleaning and degreasing jobs done. They are simple to use and highly concentrated, making them extremely cost-effective.   

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