Removing Limescale from Pipework at a Water Authority

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Using a bio-based product from Envirofluid, a water authority recently removed limescale build-up from their pipework.

Melbourne Water, a water authority, used 20L Triple7 Eco-Scale with 70L water, recirculating it through their pipework and pumps using a tank for about 40 minutes. The solution easily and effectively removed limescale build-up from the pipework without risking corrosion or damage to their equipment.

Improving Lives

Triple7 Eco-Scale is an organic plant-based limescale cleaner, which means that it is free from strong, corrosive acids and toxic ingredients – ingredients that can cause serious harm to people handling or using such products. With Triple7 Eco-Scale, the need for safety equipment is minimised because the product is safer for humans and the environment.

Improving Business

Melbourne Water was able to clean their pipework with a 40-minute timeframe, with impressive results. Not only did using Triple7 Eco-Scale save them time, it also eliminated the risk of corrosion to their equipment.

Improving Innovation

Gone are the days when organisations had no choice but to use chemicals that are harmful both to humans and the environment. Bio-based products like Triple7 Eco-Scale are powerful enough to remove the toughest limescale build-up but also gentle on humans and the planet. Furthermore, the product enables limescale removal without dismantling equipment.

The Situation

Melbourne Water needed to remove the limescale build-up from their pipework without using traditional acid-based solutions.

The Challenge

To remove limescale build-up with minimal downtime whilst reducing the risk to personnel and the environment.

The Hazards

Traditional hydrochloric acid-based solutions used to remove limescale build-up is both corrosive to equipment and poses health and safety risks to workers handling and using the product. Because hydrochloric acid is registered as a Class 8 Dangerous Good, it requires strict compliance with transport, handling, storage and disposal restrictions.

The Solution

20L of Triple7 Eco-Scale was mixed with 70L of water and recirculated through the pipework and pumps using a tank for only 40 minutes, successfully removing limescale build-up. Using the plant-based product meant that risk of corrosion to the equipment and injury to personnel were effectively removed.

Triple7 Eco-Scale is a powerful, highly concentrated product, which means less product consumption combined with effective results. Savings also extend to storage space, transport costs, as well as labour costs due to the ease with which the job is accomplished.

Because it is environmentally-friendly and readily-biodegradable, the product can be flushed with water into waste water systems, reducing disposal and trade waste costs.

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