Purasolve Weapons Cleaner Provides Excellent Results for the Defence Armoury Department


With help from Envirofluid, the Armoury department achieved excellent weapons cleaning results without compromising worker health and safety.

The Situation

The Armory Department regularly cleans weapons using traditional methods. Unfortunately, the previous method resulted in inferior cleaning due to poor carbon removal, as well as damage to weapon components. It also entailed using a highly flammable solvent with heavy odour that produced fumes, requiring significant ventilation. The solvent could not be recycled which meant considerable costs and generated waste.

The Challenge

The challenge lay in finding a product that was highly effective at cleaning weapons, would be safe for workers and the environment, and reduced costs for the Armory Department.

The Solution

Envirofluid provided the Armory Department with Purasolve Weapons Cleaner, a powerful, fully recyclable weapon and gun cleaning solution. It is a non-flammable and non-explosive product developed to replace dangerous solvents for weapons cleaning. It is a low odour, benzene-free, high purity hydrocarbon degreasing solvent for use in parts washers and metal cleaning.

The product is slow evaporating, thoroughly cleaning parts without leaving behind deposits that cause congestion and damage to equipment.

When used in conjunction with the Purasolve Parts Washer and Filter Kit, the life of Purasolve Weapons Cleaner can be extended for up to 18 months, reducing generated waste.

For heavily scaled barrels Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus 6850 66 164 0804 proved the answer and both chemicals can be used in a bath-type environment with no ventilation requirements.

Leading Seaman Boatswains Mate returns a F88 AUSTEYR Assault Rifle to the rack in HMAS DARWIN’s armoury.

The Outcomes

By replacing previously used weapons cleaning products with Purasolve Weapons Cleaner, the Armory Department was able to eliminate solvent safety and health issues and VOC emissions. The War on Waste Program estimates a net reduction of 0.75 tons per year per cleaning station. Moreover, 3-4 weapons can now be cleaned in the same time it took to clean 1 weapon previously.

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