Purasolve Surface Prep Replaces Toxic and Dangerous Solvents at Leading Truck Trailer Manufacturer


With help from Envirofluid, a manufacturer of semi-trailers replaces toxic and flammable chemicals like MEK, Toluene and Trichloroethane with Purasolve Surface Prep, a safer solvent.

The client is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of high quality, heavy-duty semi-trailers based in Melbourne, Australia. The company supports various industries including agriculture and refrigerated freight.

Dangerous solvents were frequently used in the company’s operations and they reached out to Envirofluid for a safer solution.

The Situation

During trailer construction, Plexus methacrylate glue is used to bond aluminum extrusion to an insulated sandwich panel. When components are placed together, small amounts of excess glue seep out of the join which must then be removed.

The manufacurer was using a universal thinner that is widely known to be toxic, flammable, and a very dangerous chemical. The company was also very concerned about the amount of product being used, with workers needing to dispense the chemical by pouring it out of a small bottle directly onto the area to be cleaned. Excessive amounts were used due to high evaporation which also presented a fire and health risk.

The Challenge

Is it possible to effectively remove excess glue without using toxic and dangerous solvents?

The Solution

The client trialed Purasolve Surface Prep, a unique cleaning compound developed to replace MEK, Toluene, Trichloroethane and other dangerous air pollutants in hand wipe cleaning applications.

Purasolve Surface Prep is best applied with a dry wipes bucket system. The bucket wipes are supplied dry then product is poured into the bucket. This procedure reduces chemical usage and provides a safe and efficient cleaning routine.

The Outcome

The trial proved successful with Purasolve Surface Prep providing excellent cleaning results with no residue left. Purasolve Surface Prep also evaporates slowly compared to traditional solvents, extending contact time which resulted in significant cost savings from a reduction of approximately 20x less solvent used.

Triple7 SaniSkin was incorporated as a final wipe down to provide a gleaming finish ready for paint or decal application.

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