Purasolve PWD efficiently eliminates
Paraffin Wax buildup in Rail Tank

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The Situation

A rail car was having issues with heavy paraffin wax buildup from crude oil inside its storage tankers. When the
liquid crude was removed from it, a large amount of the paraffin wax was left on the bottom, and over time, it
had reduced the tanker’s storage capacity.

The Challenge

The goal was to dissolve the paraffin wax build-up from the railway storage tank and solve the problems arising from the deposits.

The Solution

Envirofluid trialed Purasolve PWD, a proprietary mixture of bio-based ingredients specifically formulated to break down heavy organics in crude oil, including paraffin wax and asphaltenes. It is a safe and effective alternative to traditional hazardous chemicals.

The product immediately softens and dissolves paraffin wax, asphaltenes, and bitumen without using heat. This allows crude oil to flow more smoothly and prevents equipment breakdown due to friction caused by wax buildup.

Purasolve PWD used on a sample of crystalline paraffin wax:

The Outcome

By adding Purasolve PWD to the tanks with a paraffin wax build up, the wax was dissolved and able to be drained out, restoring the tanks to full storage capacity.

Additionally, contaminate can be decanted from the bottom of the rail car storage tank and the petroleum fractions filtered from the Purasolve PWD allowing the product to be recycled and reused.

In order to separate petroleum fractions out of the solvent, there are several options available, including the use of a water solution with 1% Triple7 Colloidal Concentrate (this seperates out the oil pollutants from the Purasolve PWD) or with the use of centrifugal filtration.

Train Maintenance & Cleaning

Envirofluid’s extensive range of cleaners, degreasers, solvents and maintenance chemicals cover the full range of rail applications including:

  • Exterior train and equipment cleaning and washdown
  • Effective graffiti removal
  • Workshop parts cleaning
  • Concrete and hard surface cleaning and restoration
  • Interior train cleaning and stain prevention
  • Amenity cleaning, disinfection and odour control

Envirofluid’s worksafe formulas drive costs down by reducing health and safety risks, simplifying work processes, and enabling more cost effective environmental compliance.

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