Purasolve Precision Cleaner Trialled on Defence Electronics to Great Success

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During a visit to a Defence facility, Envirofluid was tasked with determining whether Purasolve Precision Cleaner is suitable for electrical cleaning work on Defence equipment, using a sample of the product on various relevant electrical cleaning applications and tests.

The Situation

Previously, workers at the facility used all or most of an aerosol can of a highly explosive and rapid evaporating solvent to spray into electrical components to remove contaminants. Being rapid evaporating meant that a lot of solvent was used as the dwell time was very short.

The Challenge

What product can be used to successfully clean electical components at the facility without exposing workers to fire and explosion risks? The product must also be safe to use on sensitive equipment and ensure that their integrity is not compromised.

The Solution

Purasolve Precision Cleaner is a non-explosive, low hazard electrical contact cleaner. It has a residue-free formulation, is non-conductive and slow evaporating for extended cleaning time. Purasolve Precision Cleaner is safe for workers because it is free of dangerous Chlorinated or Halogenated solvents. In addition, it does not contain n-Hexane.

The Outcome

The following observations were made during the trial:

Multi-Pin Plug Clean

A small brush was dipped a few times in Purasolve Precision Cleaner which was enough to clean the multi-pin plug. The solvent was allowed to dwell in the plug, giving excellent penetration. The plug was then blown dry with an air-duster can and mega-tested to ensure a satisfactory result.

Evaporation Test

When a bench was wiped using a cloth with Purasolve Precision Cleaner, the bench stayed wet until physically wiped or air dried. When air was applied to a moist surface, using an air-duster can, the Purasolve Precision Cleaner evaporated immediately leaving a residue-free finish.


A small amount of Purasolve Precision Cleaner in a plastic casing was Mega Tested to 1000 volts with the pins 2mm apart and found to be non-conductive.

Conformal Coating (Circuit Board Protection Coating)

Circuit boards need to be able to be cleaned without removing the protective coating. Conformal Coating was sprayed onto a surface and allowed to dry for a short time. This coating is meant to cure for 24 hours; in this test it was allowed to sit for approximately 10 minutes, with some air drying assistance. However, it was still damp when Purasolve Precision Cleaner was applied and allowed to sit for a short time before being wiped off. The uncured conformal coating was not harmed!


Purasolve Precision Cleaner performed well in all tests. Being low evaporating results in significant product usage savings, as well as allows improved cleaning results. It also gives the added advantage of being able to evaporate the product easily using air when the cleaning is completed.

Additionally, the product is safe to use on sensitive equipment and does not expose workers to health and safety risks.

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