Pool Tiles at an Aquatic Centre Restored to As New Condition with ActiveEco Products

ActiveEco Restore and ActiveEco Rejuvenator were trialed on floor tiles at an Aquatic Centre in New South Wales. The products effectively restored the tiles to as new condition after just one washing.

An Aquatic Centre in New South Wales boasts of a state-of-the-art leisure facility that includes several swimming pools and a health club. The centre welcomes and serves people of all ages of the surrounding community.

The Situation

Due to years of use and foot traffic, the tiles at the aquatic centre have become stained even with regular cleaning. Previously used products have failed to remove the staining.

The Challange

How can the stain be removed, and the floor tiles restored to original condition without using dangerous chemicals?

The Solution

Envirofluid supplied the Aquatic Centre with samples of ActiveEco Restore and ActiveEco Rejuvenator.

ActiveEco Restore is a heavy-duty cleaner designed for hard surface restoration. The formulation penetrates deeply to remove embedded stains, as well as layers of residue and buildup on tiled surfaces.

Meanwhile, ActiveEco Rejuvenator is a non-detergent cleaner that returns tiles and hard surface to their original lustre. It is used as a second step as part of the ActiveEco Hard Floor deep cleaning system.

The Outcome

These products successfully restored the tiles of the Aquatic Centre to as new condition and reinstates the non-slip properties of the flooring, reducing the chances of slips and injuries.

Moreover, ActiveEco Restore and ActiveEco Rejuvenator are non-dangerous, making the products safer for humans and the environment than traditional cleaning chemicals.

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