Need a Grit Hand Soap to Remove Stubborn Grime? GritMitts is It!


For over a century, Australians have grown to love the Solvol grit soap bars which had become a household name; unfortunately, the grit soap bar product is no longer available.

Envirofluid is pleased to address the market gap left by the discontinuation of Solvol soap bars with GritMitts, a 100% Australian-made, pumice hand soap bar that is specially formulated to provide the same powerful cleaning action.

GritMitts is a heavy duty soap bar that does the job ordinary hand soap can’t! Whether your hands are stained with grease and grime, dirt, paint or stubborn odours, GritMitts is a pumice filled soap bar designed to effectively remove all soiling.

GritMitts also contains moisturisers to keep hands soft. Because it is made from pumice and natural citrus oils, it will not irritate skin even with frequent use.

This product is ideal for mechanics, gardeners, artists, or anyone whose hands regularly need a good scrubbing.

If you’re looking for a product to replace the discontinued Solvol soap bars, give GritMitts a try!

Common questions we get:

Is GritMitts a good replacement for the discontinued Solvol bars?

This is a really common question that we get from customers: are the GritMitts bars actually as good as the Solvol bars were?
We’re the manufacturer, so we are a bit biased as to this – but we say yes, absolutely. The pumice, combined with the orange oils, does a great job of removing grease and grime.

But dont take our word for it – Let’s see what the users say!

A number of people that we speak to before they have tried GritMitts have given us the following feedback.
“Solvol is a one and only, nothing will ever compare to the Australian icon Solvol bars”
We respect this. A lot of older people used Solvol bars to clean their hands when they were kids, and it holds great memories for them.

We also get a heap of phone calls and conversations with the following feedback:
“Making something as good as the Solvol bar ain’t easy, but the GritMitts get there”.
“Wow, good job guys. GritMitts is just as good as Solvol. In fact, it’s probably a bit better”.
“Heck that GritMitts mate is epic stuff”.

“It washes exactly the same”.
Brilliant new version of the old Solvol (sand soap, as some people called it) which is not made anymore. Bought the Solvol liquid & it’s rubbish, you must have the pumice in a hard block of soap to quickly clean off oil & grease stains off your hands/skin. This GritMitts is the real deal.”.
A few have also mentioned the higher foaming level of GritMitts compared to the Solvol bar as a good benefit.

We also had The Aussie Repair Guy do a video review on the Gritmitts bar. He was a Solvol bar user, but with the Solvol bars no longer made he went searching for a replacement and found ours! Watch it here:

Have you tried GritMitts?
What were your thoughts on it?
Please leave your comment at the bottom of this article to help others in their search!

Why did they stop making the Solvol bars?

Often our customers would like to know why Solvol bars are no longer made, and why they can’t get them anymore. That’s really a question for the Solvol Company to answer, which they do here on this Facebook post:

I’m not interested in GritMitts, I still want to get Solvol bars – where can I get Solvol bars from still?

As Solvol bars are no longer made, it is getting harder and harder to find and buy them, and there are fewer places that you can buy Solvol bars from. However, if you would still like to try and get some Solvol bars, we suggest that you do a search for Solvol on eBay. They are also sometimes also available on Gumtree.

Still can’t find Solvol bars? How about giving GritMitts a go? 😊



6 responses to “Need a Grit Hand Soap to Remove Stubborn Grime? GritMitts is It!”

  1. Adrienne McClymont says:

    Can your product ‘grit mitts’ be bought in retail shops? We live in Sydney and want to try it. Any suggestions? Bunnings?

  2. Melisa Lee2 Goodwin says:

    I would love to know where I can buy some

    • Envirofluid Admin says:

      Hello Melisa,
      I’m happy to hear that.
      Simply send an email to with your postcode, and we will let you know of distributors near you!

  3. EggBerto says:

    Does it smell similar to Solvol?

    • Chloe says:

      Hello EggBerto,

      We reckon it smells so much better. – It has a lovely citrus scent.

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