Need a Grit Hand Soap to Remove Stubborn Grime? GritMitts is It!

For over a century, Australians have grown to love the Solvol grit soap bars which had become a household name; unfortunately, the grit soap bar product is no longer available.

Envirofluid is pleased to address the market gap left by the discontinuation of Solvol soap bars with GritMitts, a 100% Australian-made, pumice-grit hand soap bar that is specially formulated to provide the same powerful cleaning action.

GritMitts is a heavy duty soap bar that does the job ordinary hand soap can’t! Whether your hands are stained with grease and grime, dirt, paint or stubborn odours, GritMitts is a pumice filled soap bar designed to effectively remove all soiling.

GritMitts also contains moisturisers to keep hands soft. Because it is made from pumice and natural citrus oils, it will not irritate skin even with frequent use.

This product is ideal for mechanics, gardeners, artists, or anyone whose hands regularly need a good scrubbing.

If you’re looking for a product to replace the discontinued Solvol soap bars, give GritMitts a try!

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