National Park Truck & Equipment Washdown | Better oil water separation for better environmental outcomes

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oil water separator, environmentally sensitive environmentNational park rangers and maintenance staff based in Nowra, NSW faced some significant wastewater challenges at one of their vehicle and equipment wash bays. By changing their cleaning and degreasing products, park managers were able to stop the release of oily waste into the environment, reduce water usage and eliminate toxic chemicals altogether.

The Situation

The Nowra truck and equipment wash bay utilised traditional vehicle cleaners and degreasers which form a strong emulsion in wastewater run-off. This wastewater was collected in open ponds, allowed to settle, and then released into the surrounding environment. Because the degreasers in use formed strong emulsions this oily wastewater posed an ongoing threat to the environment and a decision was made to install an oil water separator system.

The Solution

Envirofluid upgraded the existing wash bay equipment with a gravity type oil water separator and changed the cleaning chemicals in use.

Triple7 Heavy Duty and Triple7 Metallic Touch quick break degreasers and truck wash cleaners were used. These degreasers proved more effective than the chemicals they replaced even though they are completely bio-based, non-toxic and contain no harsh chemicals.

The Triple7 quick break degreasers non-emulsifying formulation allowed for almost 100% separation of oil in the wastewater system which eliminated any environmental issues related to release into the park.

The Outcome

The change in cleaning chemicals to a non-toxic quick break degreaser, combined with the installation of a new oil water separator has the following key outcomes:

  • Almost 100% of oil and grease from vehicle and equipment was separated prior to release into the environment.
  • The clean wastewater was able to be recycled and re-used multiple times which reduced overall water usage.

The non-toxic, readily biodegradable degreaser formulation eliminated eco-toxicity risks to the surrounding environment.

wastewater oil water separatorFrogs: The ultimate testimonial

Shortly after the installation of the oil water separator this frog found a new home inside the wastewater system. Frogs are well known for their high sensitivity to environmental toxins and are considered the bellwether of aquatic environmental health.

This frog lived happily in the wastewater separator containing Triple7 Heavy Duty and Metallic Touch cleaners and degreasers.

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